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A happy 2011 to all. This site is now dormant as fortunately Callum is doing well and it is now over 2 years since he finished his treatment. We'd like to thank everyone for their kind support over the last 3 years.

The Diagnosis & Treatment ....

Callum / Ginge fell ill on Friday 22nd February 2008.

Page Updated on 8th April 2008

Symptoms - major headache and vomiting ....

This worsened until admitted to Hinchinbrooke Hospital, Huntingdon on Tuesday 26th February 2008. On Wednesday evening a CT scan revealed a "lump" and swelling around the brain causing pressure within Callum's head.

A quick transfer to Addenbrookes Hospital in Cambridge by ambulance saw Callum admitted to Ward D2 and administered with morphine (Callum's favourite drug now!) which made him more comfortable, although critical with the build up of fluid in his brain (the lump preventing the brain from naturally draining itself by blocking the "escape route").

Callum then underwent an MRI scan (see brain) and various blood tests etc.  An operation to remove the pressure in his head quickly followed which included an examination by a camera internally and the removal of a small sample of the lump (biopsy). This picture shows Callum's head after the op -

C for Callum


Blood tests and the biopsy revealed that Callum is suffering from a Germ Cell Intra-cranial Brain Tumour.

We do not know the cause, we do not know how long it has been there - but we do know that it needs to go!

Here's the plan as of 1st March 2008 -

3rd to 7th March 2008 - further tests preparing Callum for his first of four chemotherapy treatments. Tests include sight, hearing, blood, kidney and urine tests.

10th to 14th March 2008 - Ward C2 @ Addenbrookes Hospital for Chemo Session 1

15th March to 6th April 2008 - Home/School in recovery

2nd to 8th Aprl 2008 - Ward C2 @ Addenbrookes Hospital for Chemo Session 2

7th April - repeated eye tests. Results - much improved. Still slight double vision in left eye. Patch still required as and when.

Here's the plan as of 8th April 2008 -

17th April - MRI Scan & repeat tests for hearing, blood, kidney and urine tests.

20th April to 26th April 2008 - Ward C2 @ Addenbrookes Hospital for Chemo Session 3

26th April to 10th May 2008 - Home/School in recovery

11th May - 17th May 2008 -  Ward C2 @ Addenbrookes Hospital for Chemo Session 4

Repeat tests for sight, hearing, blood, kidney and urine tests MRI Scan.

Further operation and radiotherapy will follow. Dates to be announced.