Monday, December 09, 2019
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Give BloodThe Ginger King


A happy 2011 to all. This site is now dormant as fortunately Callum is doing well and it is now over 2 years since he finished his treatment. We'd like to thank everyone for their kind support over the last 3 years.

Ginge's Messages

If anyone has a picture (or video) of Callum "Toga Ginge" Brown that they would like to share then please email it to me ( shall try and publish as soon as we can


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we moved =] and when you see callum feel his hair it so soft =p
MESSAGE FOR CHLOE - Good luck with the Panto -Break a leg! (well you know what we mean!) XX
-Sandy & Ian
Hope you have all had a fantastic Christmas and 14th birthday. Wishing you a happy new year shephard

Sheep X
-Julie (Harv's Mum)
Hi callun
I'v had a day of work to day so i went on net to see how you are do ( FANTATIC ). I see callum you are growing up very fast and have a lot's loving friends and family. Hpoe you have a good chrismas and birthday.
Hope to see you all soon from David,Lisa and Emily xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
ps get well soon sally xx
-kay family
Hi Callum,
Just a message to wish you and all your family a Happy Christmas and Healthy New Year for 2009.
Sorry to hear you are not well Sally and wish you a speedy recovery.
Well done for the way you have fought the fight Callum, I never doubted you would lose though! A very brave young man indeed. God Bles you.
Love from Sen, Wendie and all at Chettisham.

-Sean and Wendie
Dear Callum - Long time no see ! We do miss you here a lot in Taiwan. We have finished all the Christmas cards and Uncle Richard should be able to mail them to you all soon !! We will all be going to Hong Kong for Christmas vacation. So happy to see your great progress from the web site. We miss you a lot and wish you all the best for everything...... Love u !!
-Auntie Jen Jen, your cousins Isobel and Rebecca Brown and Uncle Richard
Fantastic! Well done Callum, Lewis and Harvey - you deserved to win
-Sandy & Ian

Just wanted to say good luck for tonight! I know I texted Mum earlier but wanted to do it a bit more formally!!
You are an amazing young man Callum Brown, I tell you that everytime I see or speak to you and I mean it every time!
Have to say I was very touched that Mum mentioned my little op. Got home this morning & have spent most of the day asleep. Have to say I do have a very sore throat but the Drs have said that I will be fine within the week.
I hope when I hear from you next it will be to say that you have won. If not, I hope you have had a fanastic night because in a lot of peoples eyes the three of you have already won!

Lots of love & speak soon

PS Get well soon Mum!
-Mrs Skittles (AKA Beverley Halliwell)
Best of luck tonight boys - enjoy the evening!
-Sandy & Ian
Hi all
just having a look back at events as I'm afraid to say I haven't looked for a while.
I felt a couple of points had to be made
No 1 I cannot believe you had your picture taken with didier diver Callum how could you I'm completely disgusted a good kick in the shins is what he needs!
and No 2 Sally it's a touch judge in rugby not a linesman still you know what they say you can't put brains in coconuts ask stuart he'll know(sorry stuart but I haven't seen you for a while to dish out some abuse)

Anyway good luck at the yopeys Callum we all know how fab you are
love me mel

-jamies mum
Hiya Callum,
Well done to you all for getting your Little Stars, but I disagree: you are a Big Star.
Lots of love, Dee xx
hows it goin ginge. Tigs is awesome especially when he's covered in plaster!! C U Monday
ello callum.
havent been on ere for a while so i thought id leave a message. byee for now :)
Laura Howe. x
Hi Callum
just to say well done with the fund raising. It was great to see you looking so well in Ely last week. Always knew, never doubted your determination would get you through it all.
Hope to see you around again soon,
Sean and Wendie
Hi Callum
Have a fantatic weekend at Chelsea. Can't wait to see the pics. Kindest wishes from Cathy & Michelle at Round Table Children's Wish.

I can't believe we did it either Mel, or how amazing you all were. Each and every one of you that came along, either to take part in the walk, or just to see Callum walk that all important first lap will hold a special place in my heart forever.
I love my boy, and it would appear that I'm not the only one!!!
A big thank you...
Hi all
I can't quite believe we've done it or how freezing cold it is at 3 0'clock in the morning or how determind Jamie was to stay up all night just for you Callum!! not only that he scored 4 goals at football sunday afternoon what a great weekend!!!!!!!!
I'm so pleased we passed the target £5000 seems a huge amount of money but between us we got there and as mum says we walked all night which I have to say not all the teams did as far as i could see anyway.
love to everyone there at the weekend see you again sometime though hopefully not walking at a ridiculous hour of the morning

take care
Mel xxxxx
ps Sally look after yourself we are still all here for you all and Chloe I haven't forgotten your keyring,I have some left if any one wants one.
-jamies mum
Great day yesterday!Well done!We love you & Chloe very much!
Love Brenden, Carly & Tanya

i meant to* not top !! hahaha
-Charlotte Martin Brown
Its great that your back at school for the mornings now!! I have top say the PE was good today..Sitting next to you :) lol
I havent been on your website for ages so i thought i would come on i did!!
Anyway i have to go
Charlotte xxxxxxxxx
-Charlotte Martin Brown
Heya Ginge

It's soo great to see you back at school for the mornings now!!
and don't worry even if your eyebrows are brown you'll still always be ginge =]

x x
I've just sent an e-mail to everyone in My Contacts asking them to have a look at your site with a view to Sponsoring you for this weekend - if everyone on here did that you could really up your total. I've also put a link on my own website for you x
Take care and keep smiling xxxxx
Karen x
I've just sent an e-mail to everyone in My Contacts asking them to have a look at your site with a view to Sponsoring you for this weekend - if everyone on here did that you could really up your total. I've also put a link on my own website for you x
Take care and keep smiling xxxxx
Karen x
Hi Callum - great to see the fantastic progress that you have made; back at school in time for your SAT's lol x Tried to sponsor you for this weekend but think I've got too much online security and the computer says NO so - as Nan and Popsey are in Yarmouth this week I will give Nan a cheque made out to Daddy D (my bruv) and he can then pass the money on for you. If we can get there for your lap we will.

Sending you luv and hoping your back to your old self very very soon. BTW Stephen wants to know if you go on xbox live and what your name is so he can play you, he's normally on Call of Duty 4 - think he has you on msn if not get an oldie to let us have your addy so he can add you again x

Keep strong; I'm gonna try and arrange something locally to help with your fund raising xxxx

lots of luv Karen (Derek's lil sis), Rachel, Andy, Stephen and Nigel xxxxxxxx
hey hunnithanks for the rockit was yumlolloveuu hun xx
-kirsty MC Kenna lol
Me, Mummy and Daddy and little Innes are so happy to hear your toes are doing well and you are going back to school. I am off to Bristol next week so wish me luck!

Big Elsie kisses to Callum and Tiggs love from me, your biggest little fan, Elsie XXXX
I'm not entirely sure I really want to know but how did mum burn her bum!!!!!!!!!!
glad you are resting up see you soon
-jamies mum
Dear Callum -

Our hearts are with you. Isobel and rebecca are back to schools now and are very busy with their school works. No kidding, they stayed up till mid-night a lot just to finish their homeworks. We would like you to know that we love you dearly and have you in our hears always here in Taiwan. Glad to know that you are so brave and getting better ! We all miss you so much ....
-Auntie Jenjen, Uncle Richard, cousins Isobel and Rebecca Brown
Mizzyhu So Much
hope u get verry well soon i miss u lodes lots of hugs n kisses from melissa hall
-melissa hall
Hi all hope you had a restful break lots of luck and love to auntie Jane I'm sure she will carry on the Callum tradition of sticking 2 fingers up at brain tumours!!!!!!
I'm afraid I've only just checked your website so that blessed toe should be fixed by now I'm sure it all went well!!!
Thank you for the advertising I'd better get making some in case I get an influx of beads.
lots of love as always
ps if I'm walking too slowly in sept just waft a hog roast around guaranteed to speed me up!
-jamies mum
Just wanted to say "Good Luck!" for tomorrow. I will be thinking of you all.

Lots of love & I will await any updates

Beverley, Martin, Luke & Adam

PS the boys are still your greatest fans Callum; they keep asking me to check your website at least twice a day, everyday!!!
-Beverley Halliwell
Hey Callum
Im in canada :) in an internet cafe .....
and i rele cant type on dis keybord !!

hope u had a nice time in butlins

luv Helen xx

Hi Callum and family,
Hope you have a wonderful time on your holls, rest and plenty of fun is the order of the day! Look forward to seeing some fun pictures when you get them posted. Our thoughts also are with your Aunty.
Sorry to hear about your sore toe Clhoe, hope it is better soon.
Love to you all
Wendie, Sean and all from Chettisham x
-Wendie and Sean
Hi Callum, so the treatment has, at last, got to the last one.
You have, as everyone on line to you has already said, an amazing young man. I hope the site is going to continue as it must give others who are aware of what you have been through so much hope should this happen to them.
You have a fantastic family and so many friends. Good luck and our prayers for your future. We will await the news on the 'toe'!
Much love to you all.
Wendie, Sean and all from Chettisham.
Well done everyone great news you've now finished treatment,just the dreaded toes now and on to the relay.
Can I be cheeky and request if anyone has any necklaces and bracelets they no longer need and are happy to be broken up I'm making some phone charms,bookmarks and keyrings to sell at the relay hopefully boosting the relay funds!!!!!
I'm sure if you see Sally,bernie,Julie or Jamie Woor back at school they can pass them onto me
Have a great holiday Brown family
lots of love
-jamies mum

hope yhu feelin okayyyy!!!!

gd luk!!! <<< omg last 1 alrealiii >>>

bt gd luk nd i hope everiii fing goes okayy

lotchaaaaaaaaaaaa loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


miss yhuuuu

I don't know what you mean sally,the thought never crossed my mind!!!
Jamie had a good day yesterday,I thought he was never coming home(not that I mind,it makes my house a bit quieter)
The skittles thing sounds great to keep us going,they mix with wine quite well don't they
Last one tomorrow addenbrookes will never be the same again
lots of love
-jamies mum
Just had to say that the boys both played "Mario Party 8" until it was time for bed. They obviously had too much to eat at yours this afternoon as they didn't eat their tea!! Too many Skittles & chocolate digestives!
It was so good to see you today Callum. You looked really well and were looking after my 2 boys like a pro. I know where to come for a babysitter!!
Sally, you have an amazing boy there - I know you know it, but I just had to say it! It was great to see you today. Glad we managed to sort things out for the relay.

Lots of love & speak soon

Beverley (AKA the Skittles Lady), Martin, Luke & Adam

PS Only 2 more treatments to go - how amazing is that?!

Sharing Cell Block H with the three of you was a pleasure and made the horrible experience into a 'fun' one if you get my drift!

Will never ever forget Steve kissing both the boys goodnight and the fun we had testing out Callum's short term memory.

Thanks guys - miss ya!!

Love to Max and you both too....

(If we DO come back I will make a special request to be roomies again!)
ok, i take it back, prison cell block H, um.. i mean H bay, just isnt the same without you.

but still.. dont come back!
sally, when you next come in will you drop me your phone number please so we can meet you at the relay.

love to all
Linza, Steve and Max
-Linza and Steve
Hi Callum,
Just had to say that you really know how to keep everyone on their toes! There I was thinking things were starting to get better and not only does the toe rear it's head again but you have an "X-files" experience too! What are we going to do with you?! Glad things are settling down now! Let's hope things stays that way!!
Once you are home, I would love to come & visit you - had better say I would I would love to see Mum too!
I promise I will bring Skittles!!
Lots of love
Beverley, Martin, Luke & Adam
PS I guess we had better start working out how many packets of Skittles we will need to get us through the Relay for Life!!

-Beverley Halliwell
glad to see you looking so well Callum hope you are home soon but remember I'm watching you be good
love Mel
-jamies mum
thank god youre better and going home! H bay will be bad joke free once again.
love you
dont come back!!
-Linza n Steve (and Max)

Wii hope yhu will get betta soon,,



come bak 2 skwli soonish plz......

loveuuu lyk loadzzzz

lotchaaaaaaaaa loveeeeeeee

Jorji.....Rodgers && Melissa......Hall
-Jorji && Melissa
not so much of a "hope everything goes ok "message although I do hope it's all cool as they say,more of a ticking off you need to tell mum when you are not right Callum Brown how can you be fixed when you aren't honest about how you feel,a smacked bottom is heading your way if you don't tell naughty boy,poorly people still get told off you know!!!!!
Plus this means Jamie can't watch you being zapped,so you are in trouble there too,it's much easier to tell truths isn't it.
Anyway sermon over lots of love,hugs and all that slush

-jamies mum
Dear Callum - you are most courageous and we miss you and love you a lot !!! Hugs and Kisses...
-Aunite Jenjen, Isobel/Rebecca - your cousins and Uncle Richard
Heyyaaahhhhh Callum,

hope yhur okaii,?

I miss yhu so much!!



Hi Callum, sorry not to have been leaving support messages lately but do keep up with your progress. Sorry to hear of the toe again and hope all is well soon with that for you. As for your treatment and being on the final run of it, well done to have fought against the odds and won. Addenbrookes and staff have done you proud but the fight within had to come from you and with the determination of a wonderful family supporting you, you have reached that goal. Well done, such courage, an inspiration to all.
Will continue to watch your progress and to see what they decide about the toe!
Wendie and all from Chettisham
-Wendie and Sean
Hi Callum,
So glad to hear that you are home again. Try and stay out of trouble this time so you can get to the end of this radiotherapy with no more stays in hospital!!
I took Eleanor to see Kung Fu Panda. She went to sleep!!!
See you soon
Love Mumma Jim, Harv and Eleanor x
-Mumm Jim
Hi all
sorry I haven't been in touch since Dereks call sunday night but I've had problems with the internet connection technology who needs it!!!!
I just wanted to ask Dr Mike would it not be easier to chop the *&@>$* toe off?
though possibly Callums balance doesn't need the extra hassle of a missing toe!
Jamie was dissappointed to miss out on witnessing the blood taking and zapping of Callum maybe next week I'm not sure of the logistics of visiting with 2 small boys in tow and don't forget if Chloes bored the offers still there
love to all
-jamies mum
just name the day sally a screw top bottles fine with me you have the red I'll have the white!!!!
Did you enjoyed the concert Callum it was a bit hot in the hall so I hope you didn't suffer too much!
love as always
-jamies mum

I'd love to help you out with collecting corks, but when you get to my age you only drink bottles with a screw top!!!
Hi just had to say the hat is fab very australian I'll save some corks not that I drink that much wine honest!!!!!
keep it up with the radiotherapy you are doing so well just think every day the number left gets smaller(easy for me to say when I'm not having it done)
Still looking forward to the walk I'm not sure it's sunk in yet see you soon love to all
-jamies mum
heyaa callum xx

soz i couldnt come to the disco xx
i would of luv 2 dance all night but i had 2 goo out xx
sopo hows it goin u r soo brave xx
cant wait 2 c u again xx

loadz of luv xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
-lorna xx
Hi Callum, smashing to see you all in Tescos yesterday - stocking up the store cupboards yet again! How many times a week does your Mum have to do that!! Haven't seen you for a while and you looked really really well. Glad everything is going OK - keep it up. Good luck to Chloe on her hike tonight!
Love Sandy & Ian XX
-Sandy Young
Hello Callum :

We are back to Taiwan - actually Isobel and Rebecca went to TAFT summer school in the US and Uncle Richard went to India for business. So, it is only me in Taiwan now. I am actaully looking at the Madam Tussauds' key chain that I took with you and really miss the good time we had there. Thank you so so much for the hospitality that all of us really enjoyed the time with you, Chole, Uncle Stuart.. and all others really well. Especially with you, Callum, you are such a gentleman and nice English boy. We love you so much ! Please do look after yourself and we shall hope to see you in Asia or back in UK soon ......
-Auntie Jenjen (with Isobel, Rebecca and Uncle Richard's greetings)
Hello all
haven't left a message for a few days,I didn't want you to think I'd forgotten you all.
Really glad radiotherapy is going well and you are replenishing your blood supplies(has Callum been disappearing in the night,anyone out there with teeth marks in their neck,he must be getting extra from somewhere)
Keep up the good work
lots of love and hugs as always
-jamies mum
Hi Callum,
Thought I'd pop in and wish you all the best for this next round. We're all routing for you.
Lots of love, Dee xx
hiya callum,

Good luck with your radiotherapy today!!

It will soon be done.

-Mumma Jim
me again whats that at the top of the page have I broken something!!!
I never have been any good with technical stuff
-jamies mum
Hi Callum
a small request while you are spending money,how about a comfy bed with en suite for me at the relay for life!!!!!
what do you think I'm sure I'm worth it
love Mel
-jamies mum
hi callum,
sorry have not been on your site for a while been really busy but there was no chance i was going to miss your disco friday night and what a great night it was thank you, good news with your results im really pleased and i would just like to say that your mum is one in a million such a lovely lady take care. jane x

-jane cousins
Hi Callum
Great news that all scans and tests are clear! Hope you enjoyed yourself on Friday night at the disco, sorry I couldn't be there, I would loved to have seen you ride around on your new bike, and seen you disco dancing!! To raise £1520 was an amazing amount, well done.
See you soon,
love Angela + Bill

-Angela Toynton
Hi Callum
well what fantastic news. My granddaughter, Stacie saw your mum at school when she collected Eleanor one day whilst we were on holiday and she texted us with your brilliant news of all clear. You sure are a very special lad and one to be proud of the way you have dealt with this from day one. The bike looks fab, sure you will have loads of fun on that. Stay strong, it's all for the good now. Well done. Love from Sean and Wendie. Chettisham
-wendie and Sean
heyaaaahhhhh bbe

sozzie dat i aint been on yhur site in a while been realii bussiiiiii!!!!

hope yhu feelin betta nd everyting,

soz i couldnt cum 2 yhu disco da ova daii diz person had 2 cum ova 2 mine :(

enywaii'z hope 2 c yhu soon


lothchaaaaa loveeeeeeeeee


missin yhu lyk loadzzzzz

Hi all A fantastic night had a brilliant time and no hangover,what a bonus!!!!
I am so proud of you Callum I'll be honest I didn't expect you to stay all night and there you were dancing gone 11pm.
It's all good from now on
lots of love and hugs(even though I had hugs last night)
-jamies mum
hiia ginge

last nyt wuz amazin i had lots of fun did ya ave fun ridin ya bike round da hall!!:) haha

uve done soo well thro all of dis nd i hope u d well from now on

Heyyahh Maa Shmexxii Callumm I wldd Ovv CUmm 2 Ya DIskoo 2nitt Mum Wldnt Let Moiii Thoo :( Urmm Youu DOin Gr88yyttee
Yull Get thru It
Jess Lowe
(we dont talk much but you in ma maths class ) yu no me vikki partners in crime hahha if yu memba aint sin yu in ages
Loveage_staii Sayfee Hunnii x,xx

brilliant you are doing so well there must be someone in there who cheers you up!
we'll be calling you a vampire next all this blood you are consuming,you look much happier than thursday especially Mr Wiggly has gone thats got to be good news.
Get your dancing shoes on and we'll see you on friday.
lots of love Mel
ps just a warning I might be helping with the food that will ruin Bernies reputation!!!!!!!!
-jamies mum
hope you are ok
me and elena can come to your disco thing woop woop!!!!
miss you
see you soon
Eloise and Elena xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Hi all you just can't keep away Callum is there a nice nurse there or something.
I hope the antibiotics kick in quickly we do have a disco next week you know!!
Rest up and get well it would be good to have you there on friday see you soon lots of love
-jamies mum
YAY!! We will be visiting you very soon in England- six days to be exact! I miss you SOOO much and am extremely excited to be able to spend time with you! I will be visiting you soon!! :D
-Isobel :)
Callum - we will be arriving in UK next Tuesday 6/10 at around 7:15 PM and will stay at Auntie Jane's till Friday. We will all go to your disco party and then stay at Grandma's with you and Chloe all week after that ! Cannot wait to see you soon .... Love, Auntie Jenjen, Isobel, Rebeccan and Uncle Richard..
-Auntie Jenjen
Hey cal ur doin gr8 hon keep goin.missin u ldz havnt seen u in lyk ages
wish id gone to witchford missin every1 (yes even jamie w lol =])
really hope 2 c u soon hon get better i no u will
luv u soooooooooooooo much
Em xoxoxoxox

-X emma l X
hiya hunni! i can come to the disco but my parents cant so how much are the tickets for just one person and ... can you pay when you get there or do you have to book them? info would be appretiated love ya xxxx
-kirsty mckenna
You will be so fed up of me soon leaving messages!!!!
I really need to stop saying how well you are doing keeping your food dowwn,every time I say it the next post on the home page reports sickness I will mention it no more.
I am very impressed with your ability to sleep though seems to make some things much easier.
roll on release date looking forward to the disco
lots of love and hugs
-jamies mum
I can't believe you didn't know who Indiana Jones was,my absolute favourite and I willl be very jealous when you go to watch the new one!!!!
You may not agree(mum might) but harrison ford is just lovely even if he is older than my dad!!!!!!
Glad you are doing well this time around if I'd known about the shepherds pie I would've come to visit
I still can't believe I volunteered for this relay(or was I pushed) camping is my worst nightmare I'm praying for no bugs and proper toilets!
see you soon lots of love Mel

-jamies mum
Hi Callum
Round four and we are all thinking of you, hoping it all goes as comfortably as possible for you. The mask, WOW! Think of the mischief you could get up to with that! The disco sounds brilliant and I hope it goes great for you. I am sure you will have a fantastic turn out for support and a great evening. I admire you wanting to donate the funds raised to charity but you know, a treat to yourself would also be well earned. Why not compromise, a bit for you and the rest to charity? Stay strong and positive, you have been a star throughout all of this and helped so many other people with your amazing strength.
Love and Bless you
Wendie and Sean (papa jim) and all from Chettisham
Hi Callum,
Good luck with the next round! Glad they left breathing holes in the mask!
Lots of love, Dee xx
Good luck with the last round of chemo - hey that mask is going to be a wow at Halloween!!
Sandy XX
I MISS YOU SOOOO MUCH!!! Summer vacation is just around the corner and I simply CANNOT wait until I visit you!! I still have to endure my exams but after that I am FREE and summer vacation shall INITIATE :D
HURRAY! I will be visiting you in less than four weeks! CAN'T WAIT! :)
Stay courageous and lovely as always, my adorable cousin
I LOVE YOU!!! :)
-Isobel :)
Hi Callum
Hope your well.
Great to see you have entered a team for relay for life cant wait we have so much planned its going to be far more stuff going on this year! See you soon.
-Gemma Careless
hii callum

great see you the other day

get better soon

Morning all
best of luck for this last round of chemo,I'm with mum and dad on the mask thing, though darth vader came to my mind rather than hannibal lector at least darth vader turned good in the end!!!
you'll be able to freak us all out afterwards.
Thinking of you as always I have already booked our tickets for the disco and I'm on the case for sponsorship let's hope I'm as popular as i like to think!!!!!!!
I might be sadly mistaken
lots of love Mel
-jamies mum
Hey i'm not sure if i can come to the disco yet but i'll find out soon.
Eloise xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

-Eloise xx
Hi all
sounds like everyone is having a good weekend,well done sally on your maths assignment if you can pass with all this going on the rest should be a breeze!
Fab shirt Callum we won't miss you down the street with that on never one to fade into the background are you.
Jamie is well impressed or is it puzzled that you were at school on thursday and are going back next week but he is pleased to see you.
keep up all the improvements you are doing fabulously well what a star

lots of love and hugs
-jamies mum
Hi Callum
Great news that you are doing so well. We are collecting the bottle tops (Harvey had mentioned it) but not sure who to give them to. Perhaps you could ask mum to let us know on the news page. I have also asked all my friends to collect theirs so hopefully the young lad will soon have his chair between us all working together. Hope you have a great stay with grandma this weekend and get thoroughly spoilt, you deserve it. One of my friends has a little boy who is on your ward sometimes and she recognised you from the sponsor forms that I have. His name is Cameron and is about 5 years old with Leukemia so you may see him around.
Take care,
Love from Wendie, Sean and all at Chettisham

hi Callum

we've been following your progress for quite some time now, so have pretty much the rest of the north-east, we are all rooting for you, I've been trying to get Jack and Joe to write, but you know what they are like and have so far failed, I won't give up though kiddo, keep fighting and give your sister and mum a hug from us.

lots of love Angie x
-Angie Denny
Heya callum

it was so good to see you today.
we are all missing you lots dw you will get thorught this.
miss u

love Danielle
heyyyaaaaaahhhh callum

howarrrrr yhu feelin????...

OMG we ad PSHE daii 2daii it wuz sooooo borin!!!!

bt i dnt see da point in skwlli itz so so BORIN.....

......its lyk a livin hell!!!

enywaii's hope yhu get betta soon!

lotchaaaa lovvvvvveeeeeeee


missin yhu muchliiiiiieeee



I miss you so very much!!! School has been extremely stressful lately as exams are coming up. HOWEVER, it is all worth it because after I endure these pressure I would be able to visit England and SEE YOU :DD

I miss and love you SOOOOO much! I am counting down the days to the day I get to visit you, my lovely cousin :)

-Isobel :)
he means you made me jump yesterday at school,not that you are scary just thought i'd clear that up.
so,so good to see you looking so well yesterday I swear you have got taller or I'm shrinking I turned around to look straight at your chest!
september sounds good (I think thats what Jamie means by the scout thing he never listens properly)I dare say you will be at my door with a sponsor form before too long
see you soon love as always
-jamies mum
hi ginge
well done for scarin mum!!!!! also ave fun on ur scout fing hope its fun for u lot cum back 2 skol soon every1 iz missin u m8 get well soon

Hi all
Happy birthday mumma jim!!!!
just a quick message to say I was reading an article in a magazine today about a lad with a similar "jim" in his head and he charged people a pound to look at his scar,just a thought might help pay for the burger kings!!!
someone even paid him five pounds not to look.
sorry I missed you at school today perhaps see you in the week

love as always
-jamies mum
Hi Callum - great news !! We will be going to UK on June 10th and will stay till June 22nd. Uncle Richard, Isobel, Rebecca and myself are all so excited and cannot wait to see you and your sister and everyone in the UK. You must take good care of yourself ... Lots of love, Uncle Richard, Isobel, Rebecca and Auntie Jenjen
-Auntie Jenjen
Hi Callum
hope you are are a less tired now and enjoying the weather. Have you seen the baby ducks yet? I bet they are so cute.
Harvey and Eleanor have been here today and are off out with Sean at the moment walking the dog.
Hope you make school this week to see your friends (forget the work!) It will begood for you to meet up and have a laugh.
Take care and stay strong,
Wendie Sean and all at Chettisham xxxxx
Hi all
another advantage to all this lots of lazing in bed!!
mums busy on duck watch you get peace and quiet in bed just one problem today lots of tractors up and down the road,I had to laugh to myself (yes I am that nuts) I remembered you,jamie ,lewis etc trying to jump the queue the other year at blossoms and bygones,to get on the same tractor as us only to get sent to the back of the line how we laughed!!!
I hear you may grace school with you presence next week I know a couple of people who will definately be pleased to see you
keep up the good work you are doing fabulously well
lots of love
-jamies mum
hi callum i miss u sop much just com off holiday bbenn to spain

i keep gettin gdgd thoughts bout u in ma head sayin u well be a okay and cant wait to see u at school

wat great weather its been love to come vistit say i to ya mum and sis thanks bet u got a gd tan lol

love uu lots andd lotts u will be okay miss uuu xoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxoxxxxooxoxxooxoooxoxooxoxooxoxoxoxxoxoxxoxoxoxo
-max cave
Hi Callum,
Good to see that things are going ok, You're doing really well.
Lots of love, Dee
heyyaaah hunni

how r yhu? hope yhur feelin betta!!!

OMG init gettin HOT l8ly!!! itz awsume!!

enywaii's gota go now


missin yhu muchy!

lurff yhu loadz n loadz

Hope 2 c yhu soon

Hi Callum, sorry I have not been on for a couple of days but have by surrounded by sick people. All of them wimps making a lot of fuss and work, unlike yourself who just soldiers on. Keep up the good work, you are a star. By the time you see this you should have had a good nights sleep back in your own bed. Well done for weathering the sickness, you will soon be counting the hours down to no treatment instead of a few days break. A+ for determination. I have so many people ask how you are every day, every one is just amazed at you and your tremendous courage.
Love from Wendie Sean and all at Chettisham.
xxxxx A+++++++++++++++++++++++'s!!!!!!!!!!

love from all at Chettisham
hi ginge
hope u do well ur doin real gd atm keep goin we miss u in form n all da funny random moments LOLZ u can get through dis easy get well soon m8
hiya bbe i got sunburn on ma shoulders grr ly xxx
-Kirsty McKenna
Hello me again where is everybody I must have words with people I can't be the only one leaving messages how boring just a rotten old mum !!!!!
You must be itching for release time but as mum or dad say (never really know who's writing the info for us) it's all a step nearer to health hooray!
I will put a rocket up the backside of various people to leave a message,you won't like this but with the nice weather they are outside instead of on the computer!
rest assured mel is on the case

lots of love and those all important hugs
-jamies mum
Hi all
watch out addenbrookes sally's back!!!!!
great to hear you are doing so well Callum and your head and neck are improving so well,sorry to see you are so fed up but it's all necessary boredom to get you fit and well,which is what we are all gunning for .
glad to see some form of normality is creeping in too I wish I had some of that in my house no one is normal in my house as you well know!!!!!!

lots of love as always, soon be release date
-jamies mum
hi callum glad your feeling better and luke said that your not seeing double of everyone now which means not 2 of luke thats a scary thought haha and hope this week goes quick in prison and we`ll come and see u soon and bring loads of sweets take care
-helen luke and bradley
hi callum glad your feeling better hope this week goes quick in prison and then home again hahaha we`ll come over soon and bring loads of sweets see you soon
-helen luke and bradley
hiya hunni uk? glad ur op went well sorry havnt been in touch my internet mucked up luv ya loads xxx kirsty
-kirsty mckenna
hey babe!
How u feelin? hope 2 see you soon!
loveU xxxxx
Eyyaahh Callum
Howw Yuu Feelingg ??
ii Hopee Yuu Feelingg Betta . . x
YuuBeen Through Soo Much x
Love Yuu x x x
-Hollie G [&&] Shona . . x
Hi all
It's 9:45 friday night and I've only just seen your webpage so I know it's a bit late as chemo has started but I wanted to say good luck,I hope it all goes well and you don't feel too bad this time, keep those BKs coming!!!!
well done dad I' sure the ward breathes a sigh of relief at the silence when Sally goes home(only joking Sally!!!)
lots of love thinking of you all as always
love Mel

-jamies mum
heyyaaaahhhh callum,

i jst wana seyy dat yhur da bravesttt person i no!!

n i hope yhu r betta soon


lurff yhu loadz

missin yhu muchy


hi callum, really pleased you are doing so well you are a remarkable young man. so what do you think to the match then man u and chelsea well as yiu know jamie is a man u fan and wants them to win but then if chelsea wins it will be a specail match just for you take care. jane x
-jamie cousins mum
Hi all
so good to see you at school yesterday fancy your mum taking your hood off in the rain she can be so mean!
I thought I'd leave the hug as looking at the progress report there seems to be many sore bits and I don't want to hurt my Callum.
I never in a million years thought I would say this but I was secretly pleased Chelsea won last night I guess that cheered you up big time it's just a shame they won't win the final
stay strong love to all
-jamies mum
Well done Callum. I can see you making the medical history books for the speediest recoverer of 'Jim' removals and of course recognition from burger king for boosting their profits!
AAA * stars for the medical team and all those involved in your care.
As for Tiggles being dropped to the floor I'm quite sure he has had worse and was only to pleased to be able to prove that you could pick him up to be allowed home again, both tucked up in your own bed!
Sean sends his love
Wendie and all, Chettisham xx

hi ginge
hope you are feeling alright
when I saw you in hospital last Thursday i didn't think that you would be home yet!
-matt burrows
Hello all
That son of mine is so subtle(I'm a cripple,too!!!how sensitive)
I think the team at hospital are probabaly just as worn out as Callum after all I'm quite sure you asked continuous questions Sally!!!
Really really pleased everything is going well the downward gaze might not be a bad thing being as tall as you are,just have a think where you eye level will then be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How rude
keep battling callum you are quite fab the little b*#@&r was never going to beat you

lots of love Mel
-jamies mum
Great to see you looking so well yesterday morning and what a beaming smile when you saw me - on reflection it was probably the Skittles that did it!! It was also a pleasure to meet the GREAT Mr Garnet. Keep up the good work Callum you are doing amazingly well.
Love Sandy
heyyaahhh callum,
im so so glad yhur gettin betta!
i aint been on yhu site 4 lyk a week so ive read everything now so dat gd! bt i hope 2 c yhu around skwl soonish -wen yhur betta-
missing yhu muchly
lurff yhu loadz n loadz
hi ginge jus wanted 2 say im a criple aswell lol got injurd in a footie game (my back)lol anyway well done m8 ur da BESt ginge eva cum back 2 skol soon its so borin lol

see ya l8er
Hello Callum =]]
Well Dne At Addenbrookes..x
Youur So Brave,Bless Ya.

Love you x
-Shona And Lauren
Well done Callum for your determination. I have had a lovely 60th, lovely pressies and cards but your news still tops them.
Harvey and Ellie are here for the day and Ellie made me a super card by herself which is special.
You will be home before you know it the way you are striving forward.
Love from Wendie, Sean and all. xx
Callum :)

I am so glad that the operation went well! I am so proud of you!!! You are such a determined and courageous person and I am extremely lucky to have you as my cousin! I simply can't wait until I visit you during the summer! It is only a month away or so!!!!

-Isobel :)
i just got up by anyway im soooooooo glad the op went well and
ur doin alright. i will keep checkin when you come home coz me katie and elena want to come and see you if ur feeling well.
okkie pokkie
luv u
Eloise xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
-Eloise xx
Hi all
I can honestly say I've never been so pleased to see a hole in someones head!!!
You are so determind Callum I'm quite sure you will "run before you walk " as long as those burger kings don't weigh you down too much
Lots of as always to everyone
ps well done dad for taking the night shift after all you did have a kip in the car at school yesterday!
-jamies mum
Hi Callum, tomorrow is my 60th birthday (OOOOOUCH) !! No matter what I may be lucky enough to recieve, I can promise you that this news is the best present I could possibly have, to know that 'Jim' is no more.
Stay strong, keep fighting as we know you will.
Love from Wendie Sean and all at

hi callum hope you are feeling better glad the opp went ok we are all thinking of you, you are so brave cant wait for you to go back to school hope ya like ya chelsea cup & card, even though i am a man u fan it hurt me to buy that cup :) :) from  jamie.cousins
-jamie cousins & mum
Hi Callum and Family
Just read the latest installment. Great job! Well done Addenbrookes. (See, Sally - I told you Callum was in the best place).
Callum, keep enjoying the burgers, dvd's and lying around in bed all day.
Love to you all
Gill, Peter, Matt and Andy
-Gill Burrows
Hi Callum
So pleased the operation went well and you are watching dvd's and asking for Burger King! We have been thinking of you loads and look forward to more hugs when we see you again up at line dancing! Lots of love Angela + Bill
-Angela T
Well dude...
In bed, watchin TV, eating junkfood, your dad tells me you where a little grumpy and loving the morphine.. So all in all you are a normal Teenage lad :):)
So so pleased its all gone so well, look forward to seein you guys soon.
Rutters & Co
soooooooooo glad that the op went well !!!!

anyway see you soon
lots of love

Helen xx
-helen g
Burgerking will go bankrupt once you are discharged!!!
Bless your heart. The news is fantastic.
Wendie, Sean and all xx

Hi Callum, I am really pleased that your op went well, hope you have a speedy recovery. Lots a luv
Kirsty xxxxxx
-Kirsty McKenna
what fabulous news you are quite amazing Callum, 11 hours surgery and your first thought is a burger king! A man after my own heart food is all important.
Seriously(yeh right!) it's brilliant news I was clock watching all day yesterday aren't the surgeons just wonderful people and all the theatre staff and aftercare staff too we owe them a huge debt
Can't wait to see you for my next hug

lots of love and those hugs
PS as for you parents and step parents a large glass of wine and a good sleep is required doctor mels orders
-jamies mum
Hey Callum.
Hope Youu Are Feeliing Well =]]

Love Youu xx

Hello everyone!
Callum - What a star you are. Obviously you had the best team with you for 11 hours!! What a long time for a nap!

So pleased to read it all went well. Thought about you and your family all day yestserday.

Take care
-Gill Burrows
Hi Callum.
What great news! Relieved to hear everything went ok.
Lots of love, Dee xx
Papa jim and all at Chettisham just checking in and have seen the message to say you are out of surgery, and that you have spoken and moved around a bit. Fantastic news, you sure are a determined young man. An inspiration to all,
Love from
Papa jim, and all at Chettisham xxx
Hi Callum, We thought of you a lot today. All our best wishes from the college were going out to where you were today. You have quite an admiring fan club base of folk who are aware of a strong, calm young man fighting his corner. We will continue to have you in our thoughts and look forward to you being with us calling out in class discussion time REALLY REALLY soon!!!!!!
Love Jude McCarthy (English dept)
-Mrs J McCarthy
Hi Callum Just wanted to say we think your a star, looking forward to camping out with you, Tasha, Tara & Ross. Tasha is another of those weird women that trudge to college with mum each Wednesday!
Hi Callum, mum, dad, dad d and little sis Cloe and of course, not forgetting Tiggle,
I have just checked to see how you all are and no news yet. You are a truly incredible family and needless to say we are all there with you in thought.
Sean, papa jim, sends his love
and as always all our love from

good to see you yesterday
hope you're feeling alright after the op
see ya soon

-matt burrows
Hi Callum, I hope your operation goes well today, Friday was fun, say thanks to your dad.
I hope your up and about soon and not too upset about Chelsea losing :-(
Speak to you soon lots a luv
Kirsty xxxxxx
-Kirsty Mckenna
Hi Callum!

It has been great to have you back in lessons for the past two weeks! We've missed you and your enthusiasm...I'm sure the whole class can agree to that :) Keep up with those smiles and we'll see you around soon. Good luck with the rest of the week.
Take care,
Miss. Coates
-Miss. Coates
Hi Callum,

Thank you so much for letting me gatecrash for a couple of hours on Saturday. Mum has told us all so much about both you and Chloe; it was fantastic to finally meet you.

You are an amazing young man. What's more we share a passion for Skittles!!! As promised, as soon as I am allowed to visit, I will bring the biggest bag of Skittles I can find...and if your lucky, I might even share them with you! :)

All the best for tomorrow.

Lots of love


PS you make a great cuppa tea!!!
-Beverley (from Mum's College Course)
Hi Callum, great to see you looking so well and buoyant last night. You are such a fantastic, courageous young man and we wish you all the luck in the world for the next stage in your treatment. See you back at line dancing for another round of hugs soon (you really are an expert!)
Chloe you look really smart in your Scout uniform - speak to Skip, there must be a badge for rearing ducklings in your back garden!
You are all in our thoughts, lots of love Sandy & Ian XXXX

Hi Callum
Thank you very much for my hug yesterday I've been waiting ages!!!!
When you are back home I'll have another one please Jamie is very mean when it comes to hugs in fact I only get one when I wrestle him to the ground which is becoming very difficult!
so you can now become my official hugmonster aren't you excited.
We are losing our internet for a few days so you might not get a message for a week or so but it certainly doesn't mean we are not thinking of you I will keep up with news at school I'll pounce on mumma jim!!!
so all the best for tomorrow another scar for you to show off and I'll have my next hug as soon as you are well enough
lots of love to all of you
-jamies mum
good luck for tommorrow, we're all thinking about you love adele, david,gary,chris,zoe and jamie x
Hey everyone.
i havent written on here before. but im just writing to say i wish you all the luck in the world on wednesday. to not only you ginge but the rest of your family.
4 years ago my dad had to have major brain surgary and he's still fine now. He had that done at addenbrooks and he's fit, well and amazing still, so i have no doubt that an amaziing little fighter like you still has many more pizza huts to come. hehe.
From everyone in Stuntney (near Ely) we wish you all the luck from the bottom of our hearts, and hope that soon enough you'll be back on your feet.
I'll keep on checking.
much love.
My dear cousin CALLUM :)

I hope you enjoyed my dad's momentary stay and visit at Grandma's in England! Rebecca and I would always pester him to pack us in his suitcase and take us with him to England~ unfortunately, he did not do so hahahaha.
I MISS YOU SOOOO MUCH!! Summer vacation is coming soon and I am counting the days until I see you! It was fantastic to be able to chat with you on the phone! I miss and love you so much! Good luck in everything and remember that I am always here to support you!!! :))
-Isobel :)
Hi Callum, not been able to get on internet for a few weeks so haven't kept up-to-date with progress. It was GREAT to see you at scouts. All the best for this week.
Lots of love, Dee
next time mum wants to go somewhere expensive say ok but only if we can invite mel,then when we've spent your mums pennies I'll treat you to a pizza (from tesco!!!!!)
Do you think she'll go for it callum
no me neither but it's worth a try
anyway be nice to your mum she's pretty cool really (us mum's have to stick together sally)
be strong lots of love
-jamies mum
callum callum callum, arguein wit yhur mom wt next. lolz
hope yhu get betta soon n hope everything is goin okaii!!
bt i hope 2 c yhu soon
missin yhu millions
lurff yhu loadz n loadz
Hiya Callum, so, starvation for the day and then an op. Stock up plenty the day before! Good to hear that your other test results were good for you and that you went to Scouts with your mates. Stay strong, as you are proving to be. You really are an amazing young man. We send our love as always from Chettisham.
Eleanor is here at the moment and says 'hello'
Love from Wendie and all at Chettisham xx
Hiya Callum and readers! I am a bit speechless at your latest news. I know your Dad has been trying to get hold of me - sorry not to be around much, busy trying to make ends meet! Looking forward to taking you out for a big big lunch on Sunday (not sure how much my bank balance can handle!) Love you Loads, Aunty Jane xxxx
-Aunty Jane
Hi all
come on callum all I want is one hug you really don't need to go to all these lengths to avoid me!!!!!!
another little hiccup on your way to recovery and another one you will beat.

lots and lots of love(and hugs) to all of you

p.s. well done Chloe for keeping a clean sheet at football
Typical Ginge can't just be happy with two lumps has to go the whole hog and get three!! Best get some serious eating done this weekend to prepare for your starvation on Wednesday. Better make it extra large popcorn at the pictures today!!!
Look after your Mum for me X

-Mumma Jim
Heyyah Calllllum

Soooooo Gladdd U Baccc Att Skoolll.....Everyone iis Miissiinn U Loadzz........Lovnnn Thee Hattt Byy The Waiii!! Lol!!!!

Cntt Waiit Tiill Ur Bacc Proballly
C Ya Soon
Aiiysha xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
heyyaaah callum
hope yur feelin betta it was awsume 2 c yu 2daii
hope i c yu agen soon!!!!!!
enywaii gota go
so toodles
missin yu millions
lurrrvvvv yu loadz n loadz
btw.....i do sleep!!! as yu sed yu thought i didnt h3h3
Hi callum and chloe the picture of the football girls is great but chloes hair is in the way of her face and charlotte's doin bunny ears behind my head LOL. Callum u r the tufest boy alive if you're goin through this and goin to school u r so brave you're amazin. happy birthday to you're mum (late)

from charlotte
Hi all
lots of love and best wishes for tomorrow I'm sure the results will be as fab as we all hope they will be!!
perhaps sally they can give you a quick brain check and then those assignments will get finished on time after all you have little else to do with your time I know it's an old brain but a little tweak might help!!!!!!!
love and thoughts as always
-jamies mum
Hi Callum - Uncle Richard is in the UK now and hope he can pay a trip to visit you with all our love. Isobel, Rebecca and myself are counting days to visit. I am applying visa to UK now and hope to see you very very soon ... Let us know if you want anything Chinese from Taiwan .... Lots of love from Uncle Richard, Auntie Jenjen, Isobel and Rebecca..
-Auntie Jenjen
hey callum charlotte booy howlett here
u no the football mach we played on the 15 of april don't u thnk that the goal that emily got us was brill i shore did but the 1 by waterbeach was so close they were so unlucky when it came 2 that goal i can't wait 2 the 1st may we can beat them again I really do hope u gt better soon

Charlotte xxxx
Hi Callum
So glad to hear you are on the mend- We have missed seeing you up and down the road- but we have been thinking of you. Say hi to your mum and the rest of your family from us
Tim's Mum
-Fiona Lucraft
Callum :)

I'm so glad to hear that you are feeling better! Remember that I am always here for you :D
Only two more months before we visit the UK! I can't wait to see you~ Miss you mucho mucho mucho MUCHOOO~~
LOVE and BEAR HUGS for you :)
heyaah bbz
hows yu feelin?
it was awsume on fridaii wen i saw yu <>im happy now<>
hope yu feelin betta n thinkin of yu
bt goin now 2 sort out my mail
so toodles
missin yu lyk madiiiiness
lurff yu millions n milloins
hope 2 cya soon




we all missn u ldz....... but it was good to c u bc at skl

luvin da monkey hat by the way lol

missn u so much



Good to see you back at skool
hope you enjoyed being back with all your mates
hopefully see you soon!!
Holly xx

-Holly Hibbett
hiya hunni ill see you round helens next week ly lots xxx
-kirsty mckenna
Hi Callum. Crikey, there's no stopping you is there? You are an amazing young man. Poppa Jim was so pleased to have seen you the other day and was full of it when he got home. He really is proud of you and how you are fighting back at all of this and not letting it get in your way any more than it has to. Well done and love from us all at Chettisham.
Wendie and family. x
hiya hunni gd 2 c u at school today love you xx
-Kirsty McKenna
heyyaaah bbz
hope yu feelin betta
im so gutted i didnt c yu 2daii im so sad now seroisly!!!!!!!
bt i hope i c yu soon coz im missin yu so so so so so so so so so much
but arrggghhhhhhh aint skwl jst the borinist thing yu've eva been 2 its is for me!!!!
bt gota go do stuff so toodlez
lurrrvvvv yu loadz n loadz
missin yu lyk mad

Callum :D

I miss you so much!! I still have two months left of school and I will be visiting you VERY SOON! :D
I can't wait! I MISS YOU :)
Good luck in everything and remember that I am always here to cheer and to support you! :)
Hi Callum,
Glad to hear you are bearing up well. Everyone at Cancer Research wishes you well and expect to see you at the relay in September, I'll get your t-shirt ordered!!
Keep up the good work and keep that Ginger Tamer in order!!!!
Helen, Gemma & Adam
-Helen Jones
Hi Callum -

We are counting days to see you - hopefully in mid-June. It will not be long !! You are so brave and courageous !! Love you..
-Auntie Jenjen
hi callum now I've finally got this v slow computer working I'd like to make a request HAVE A BATH I CAN SMELL YOU FROM HERE!!!!!!!!!

see you thursday I'll bring some bubble bath
love as always
-jamies mum
howarrr yu feelin? i hope yu get betta soon
enywaii'z i have skwl 2mozz ewwwwwww i h8 skwl itz so BORIN lyk teachers are jst so depressing!!!!!
omg i dyed my hair yesterdaii and it woz ment 2 go lyk a brownish red colour bt i aint its gone dark PURPLE arrggggghhhhhhhhhh
bt it lookz okaii so it aint 2 bad realii lol
gess older sis had a babii yesterdaii he is called oliver he is such a cutie
bt i gota go do homework now ..... BORIN .....
so toodles
miss yu loadz
lurrvvv yu loadz n loadz
Hi all again I just can't seem to leave you alone sorry to see the food isn't staying put this time but that does mean you'll have to eat even more to make up for it when they let you out again,I hope cupboards are well stocked in readiness,has someone warned the pizza place!!!!!!
As for here Jamies back to school tomorrow so wish me well in the hope that d-merits and reports are few and far between,I need you back Callum to keep him on the straight and narrow!

as I always say love to all and good luck for tonight Chloe I'm sure you will have them all in order at scouts by the end of the evening

-jamies mum
i dont really no what to say, i dont no you as i used to, but all i can say is that all my family are routing for you to get better.
i know that you are a happy person normally beacause on the bus all i see and hear is you laughing and cracking jokes but i soppose without all the sopport that you have and without being in the company of your friends you wouldnt be you. i hope you read this beacause you have made such an effot to make this website thing that you have even got teachers to rite to you.
sorry i didnt write to you sooner but i hate computers.
i hope you get well soon. the bus is soooooooo quite without you,every one misses you.
good luck
love Georgia Arnold
-Georgia Arnold
Callum :)

I am so proud of you and your optimistic, courageous personality. I miss you so much and am extremely fortunate to be your cousin! Rebecca, Auntie Jen-Jen, Uncle Richard, and me are all cheering for you!!
I can't wait to visit you during the summer holidays!!
Hi Callum, what can I say? Only you could remain cheerful between the 'bouts!' Poppa Jim has had a vomiting bug this week but I can't say he has been cheerful in between though!! (Hope he doesn't see this, he will be forever wounded!)
Stay strong
Wendie and family

Hi Callum, sorry you are not feeling so good but hang on in there, it will pass. Keep your fighting head on and stay strong, easier said than done I know but you will soon be home again.
Love the new bear, he is great!
xx Wendie, Sean and family.
Hiya Callum,
Sorry to hear the sickness has finally got you. Remember it won't last long and you'll soon be back on your feet and food again!
Thinking of you. Eleanor sends her love.
Be good!!

-Mumma Jim
I forgot to say I found a photo of nursery you jamie tim and bernie are on it sadly I don't know how to get it on to my computor I'm a bit dumb on that subject,even the ginger boy from year 10s brother is on it!!!! remember lemony tomas
anyway I'll give you a look sometime see you soon
-jamies mum
Hi all
Happy Birthday Sally the big 40 some of us have a little way to go for that you'll have to let me know how it feels!!!!!
Callum so glad you are doing well with the chemo back on the food again i'll send some more fruit! or perhaps you'd prefer the mickshakes
keep strong love as always

-jamies mum
Hey callum aint spoken 2 u 4 a while! lol
Bin readin all the stuff on ur webby hope ur chemo goes well agen!
hey mate
this is the ginger boy in year 11
i really hope that your cemotherapy went alrightl!
i saw one of your posters in haddenham and i thought that the websites name was absolutely brilliant!!!
and you do look quite dashing without your hair.. your a spitting image of bruce willis :). and if you don't know who that is ask your mum.
take care mate!

TT x
-Tomas Turpie
good luck in round2 of chemo

went to see step up 2 with katie , helen n steph

it was really good

ly loads xxxxxxxxx

-kirsty mckenna
heyyaaah bbz
how'z yu??
hope the chemo 2 is goin okaii
im on ebay at da mo its so awsume I LOVE EBAY lol
if yu aint gessed ive gone realii hyper whoooooooooooo
enywaii'z im problii borin yu so im guna shut up now
sooooo toodles
missin yu muchly-loadz-
lurrrvvv yu loadz n loadz


good luck with da chemo

i went 2 da cinema 2day wif steph kirsty and katie
2 c sttep up 2 da streets !!
it was well good !!!!!!!

anyways betta go
luv u xxxxxxxx
-helen g

cant beleve yuur mum let u go round tescos with the trolley!! lol hopefulli u ddnt break anything!! h3h3 luvin the hat u were wearing n harvey and u look great.u looked better b4 tho!! lol c ya

luv laura X-0-X-0-X-0
Hi mate
Thinking of you, like the new hair cut but you still have more hair than me.
Good luck this week will see you soon.
Love from everyone
-Uncle Mark
Hi Callum, Wasn't it good that Chelsea beat Middlesborough at the weekend? Anyway, hope all is going well.
I'll come back soon, Ollie
-ollie king
Hi Callum, just popped in to see how you're doing. Good luck with round 2!
Lots of love, Dee
-Dee King
Hi Callum, hope you soon get the thumb's up for round 2. Make the most of being at home and stay out of mischief with Harvey and the rest of your friends!!
Did you catch any one out with April Fools day?
Hi to you! You really must get your ass back to class as your class mates in english are missing your good humour. They are getting more and more cheeky and need putting in their place......need a job? Did you get the work I sent? Did you understand it? I could send on more or you could call me if you need any help...01353 XXXXXX Chin up and see you soon! Jude McCarthy (Miss to you)
-Mrs JMcCarthy
heyyaaah bbz
hope yu feelin okaii
i showed ma dad & ma step mum yur site n
dey sed dat dey hope yu get betta soon!!
ooooo jst remembered still gota give yu yur
prezzie & card!!! (ive gota get them 2 yu
soon or it'll melt n dat wont be gd)
enywaii's gota go
so toodles
missin yu lyk mad
lurrvvvv yu loadz n loadz

hope you are still ok
my mum laughed at you, harvey and your dads hair!! hehe
i will come and see you soon!!
luv ya
Eloise xxx
-Eloise xx
hi all seconds out round two a quick message to wish you well tomorrow callum I'm sure you'll get through it as well as the first time you are such a big strong brave lad you do realise when you next appear down at school to collect chloe you will be smothered with hugs and kisses so watch out!!!!!
as for jamie he was a proper mud monster the other day and i sent him upstairs to have a bath nothing more sinister and he cleaned it afterwards which is a first(and the last i daresay)
well that wasn't that quick but you know how i can talk,though not quite as bad as your mum
lots of love to you all mel
Olla dude,
Just a quick note to say hi, and that the north is wishing you well.
Hope to see you guys soon.

Rutters and Family :)
hi callum good to see you keeping your spirits up keep scoffing all that chocolate (doctors orders lol) love to all
-uncle richard (derek's bro-in-law)
Hey Callum, glad to hear you are home again. So sorry I could not make it to see you Wednesday. I have FLU again!!! Doubling my steroids and hoping it will go away! Loving you loads and here's hoping I can come and see you after your chemo when we both recover!! Lots of Love Aunty Jane
-Aunty Jane - Missing you like mad!!!
Home again, own bed, bliss eh! Well done. Enjoy your weekend home and will be thinking of you Monday.
-Wendie and family
alryt m8 how u doin bet u ave eaten all da choclate by now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2daii we played footie in wet mud well funny i came home n mum sed go upstairs lol see ya l8er m8
Hiya hunni
been round my cousins for 3 days
twas good
went to see a film
twas also good
i love ya lots
-kirsty mck
Heloo Kalam We Feel So Bad For You And We Really Hope You Get So So So Much Better Darlyn x-x
-Danni gaine And Ally Foster x-x
Callum, you still look great with your hair cut !! Uncle Richard has booked the flight for June and we shall fly to visit you and Chloe soon ........
-Auntie Jen-jen
Hi Callum hope you feel better soon love from Jack xxx
Hi Callum, jusy popping in to say hello. Sorry you are back in hospital again but better to be safe and sure there is no infection and of course, to top up with 'Mickshake!' They sound delicious.
Harvey cycled over to Chettisham today, needless to say, with his thermal hat! I check in every day to see how you are doing so hope to see news about you being home again real soon.
Wendie and family. x

heyyaaah bbz
how yu feelin??????? n gt well soon!!!!
still gota get card n prezzie 2 yu sum time!!!!
enywaii'z goin to bi sum eggiez to make a cakiiee yummieieieieieie
so toodlez
missin yu lyk mad
lurrrvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv yu loadz n loadz

Hi all,you do make me out to be terrible I will add that I sent pringles and chocolate along with the apple!!!!!!
I'm loving all these new haircuts where is the picture of Sally with a bald head!but I am glad to see tigs didn't succumb to the clippers I seem to remember him from nursery days.
Stuart I'm not quite sure what to make of your shiny head but it seems appropriate that it s easter(eggs do you get it!!!)
on that note i'd best sign off before I get into anymore trouble
keep well stay strong thinking of you all as always
love mel

-jamies mum
Callum xd
WOW!!! you & Harvey are so Brave...well done! OMD you both look well diff. though xd
Hope you had a good easter & ate PLENTY of eggs-haha :P
Love Molly -xox-
oh yeahhhhh
forgot 2 seyyyyyy
chelsea NOWAY arsenal so much betta
bt chelsea how could yu lyk them
still lurrrv yu loadz tho
chelsea ewwwwwwwww lol

heyyaaah bbz
hope yu feelin betta

omg yu n harvey r so brave to shave yur hair!!!!!!! <>
bt yu look so different!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
enywaii'z so brave 2 do that! lol

bt i gota go
so toodles
missin yu lyk mad
lurrrrrrvvvvvvvvvvvvvv yu loadz

seems like ages since i was last here (blame sky my link went down) but i'm here now so HAPPY EASTER! nice to see you're still smiling, hopefully that means you're not feeling too "rubbish" Sorry to hear your beautiful ginger hair has gone awol for a while but lochie says he'll fly the ginger flag in your honour till yours grows back!(you know he's a ginger nut to!) anyways talking of lochie i've gotta go sort him a bath so i'll check back soon...loads of love to you all kisses n hugs us xxx
-auntie julie
Hi big man . . . Not often that I am lost for words . . . But ya got me !! Been keeping up with ya daily from the start, Mumma jim and Wendie (my mum) and of course the Gubster !! So i know how its going !! Mumma Jim sent me a photo of you're and Harv's new look !! I think your two of the bravest young men I know !! Humbled and proud to know ya. I've got to tell ya Carrots that ya one amazing young man. Be lucky my man. . .
Sean . . . (Pappa jim)
-Sean (Harv + Ellies dad) or i suppose . . . Pappa Jim . . .
HAPPY EASTER CAL!!!! don't eat 2 much junk food! :p jamie n ella shouldn't encourage missin u ldz n ldz n ldz.get better soon hon. luv u.
-xEmma Lx
hi callum happy easter
dont eat too much chocolate!! hehe
glad to see your on the mend
hope to see yoo back at scool soon
love the new layout of the website (go chelsea fc)
hehe see yoo soon
love holly xx

-holly hibbett
Hi Callum :

It was great talking to you last night. You sounded so mature and considerate. I am so impressed on your politeness and maturity after not seeing you for so long. Uncle Richard, Your cousins Isobel and Rebecca all miss you so so much here in Taiwan. I hope you can feel our love at all times. Love you so much..
-Auntie Jen-jen
hi Callum, hope you are resting up this holiday - don't eat too many eggs! Have found a pic of you in the stocks (when you were with me in Yr 3/4) which I have sent to your dad - keeping an eye out for any others I might have!
-Carol Breeze
heyyaaah hunni
hope yu feelin betta n hope yu had fun at yur granma'z
it woz good hearin from yu yestadaii
i'll txt yu agen in a bit!!!!!!!
i still gota give yu yur card!!!!!!!<& easter prezzie>
enyway's i gata go now
lurrrrvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv yu lotz lyk jelli totz
miss yu loadz
sorry, i was in Japan for 5 days (graduation trip)
So hows everything going?
Do u miss me? ( Ofcourse u do! HAH!)
Miss u a lot
Heya Ginge
it was gr8 2 c u at school
i hope u r bac 2 school all the time sooon
It's not the same wiv out u!!!
hiya hunni

hope you have a good time at your grandmas

ly loads
-kirsty mck
glad 2 here u r gettin betta....see u at skool soon
luv aiysha xxx
Heyyaaaa Callum!,,

I wasnt there to see yu come back to skl! :(

But i will hopefully see yu sometime soon!

Lurrveee yu ..x


-Chloe Morfill!..x
hiya hunni
it was really fun to see you again
and id love to do it again
thanks to your mum for letting us come over

love you lots

-kirsty mck
Heyyy hun =)
Its was really nice to see
you todayy !
We'll coe & visit agen soon !

love you
Steph xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Hey it was really nice to c u !!
we will come again soon!! :)

loads of love Helen xxxxxxx
heyyaaah callum
im so happy dat i saw yu in skwl
omg yu no wen yu sed ma name at lunch wen i saw yu i didnt realise it woz yu (sozzie) bt i woz lyk OMG hehe
bt gota get easter prezzie'z 2nite (includin yur'z) hehe
bt omg i so happy i saw yu 2daii
enyways g2g now
missin yu alreadi
lurrrrrv yu lotz lyk jelly totz hehe
toodles xoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxox
loadza hugz 2 yu!!!!


I was soooo jubilant when I saw pictures of you and your bright smile :D
Hope everything is going well! I am constantly thinking of you and simply cannot wait until the summer!! We are going to have loads of fun together :)
I love you so much, my brave and adorable cousin :)

It was really cool to see you back at school!
Hope you stay well :P
Lots of Love From Molly Xx
Hi Callum! It was great to see you looking so well and being so chirpy on Monday - you had us all in stitches! Also nice to see Chloe, Sally and Derek too (thanks for the sweeties Chloe). Hope school didn't come too hard today, bet it was nice to see all your mates - did you get any work done?? Love reading all your messages, cant get used to this 'text speak' though -I have to get my son to translate!!!
Good luck with next weeks treatment, will be thinking about you - keep fighting
LOL Sandy

Hi Callum,
Trip out to EAT! Fantastic!! Watch Harvey doesn't get you into tooooo much mischief - as if... So good to see you looking better in your pictures. Well done for fighting the fight.
Wendie and family. x
Me steph and kirsty r comin 2 c u 2mos
they hav already told u so i
fort i would tell u again lol
anyway bibiib
lurrve Helen xxxxxxxxx

whey hey callum i just popped in to see how your doin' and i came across a big smiley picture of you...only thing is i could of sworn that was your mum's teeth sitting right there in that big smile! Sorry callum to annoy you with my trivialities but it really interests me how family genes work and on top of that I'm a dental nurse so things like teeth just jump out and bite me... if your'll excuse the pun! Anyways enough of my waffle, I just hope you're feeling as good as that photo suggests! I'll drop in again soon loads of love Auntie julie xx
-Auntie Julie
Heyyy hun =)

ii think me, kirsty and helen are coming to see you tommorrow =)
welll lots to say i felll over because KIRSTY told me to lean against the wind so i did and i fell over ! it hurt i climbed a tree and kirsty nearly fell out of it !urmm... lets think....welll not much else to say anyway best be going =)

bye bye love you
steph xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
i forgot to say
I luv u !!!!! :):):):):):)
-Eloise xx
sorry i haven't wrote for a while :(
i hear you are doing well :)
i will come and see you over the easter half term!! :)
okkey dokkey
bye bye
write later !!
xx Eloise xx :)x(: xx
-Eloise xx :] xx
hiya babe
u alright?
me n helen n steph wanna come visit u
love ya loads
-kirsty mckenna
Yo "ginge" glad to hear that chemo is going well and that you was allowed home for a while , keep battling dude love n all that soppy stuff Uncle Richard & cousins Rachel, Andy n Stephen
-'Uncle Richard'
heyyaaah bbz
hope yu r feelin betta
omg i had such a borin day
yur so lucky yu werent der
enyways i duno wt 2 sey im out of wordz!!!!!
so toodles
miss yu loadz n lurrvvvvvvvv yu loadz n loadz
TOODLES oxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
Hi Callum, just popped in to check up on you. Glad to see you're making steady progress.
Lots of love, Dee
-Dee King
Hi Callum :

Your cousin Rebecca was on her graduation trip yesterday to Japan. So, she cannot send you her message this week. Isobel is staying at her grandparents and also do not have internet access this week most of the time. Therefore, we would like to send our love and greetings to you again together !!! we hope you can get well soon and shall visit you in the summer !!!

Miss you so much ...
-Auntie Jenjen
hi callum, today ur nurse n social person came 2 our skol 2dai n we tlked bowt how u were gettin on n dat it took up all of french(BONUS) lol da nurse person sed dat she iz goin 2 do a assembly 2 all yr 8s bowt brain tumour n dat. hope u get well ur always da funny 1 remember in form with the elastic bands n ur head lol da funny times
missin u loadz
BATMAN (jamie)
Hi callum show that hospital who's BOSS but be nice only a teeny bit HOPE YOU GET WELL SOOOOON CALLUM from your cousin lochie XX

hi callum
hope ur ok, get well soon-every1 is missing you
luv elena x.
You sure no how to shock callum but here's hoping you can shock the doctors too by getting better in record time!!! You have been constantly in my thoughts and i'm so sorry its took so long for me to post this message but i only got broadband 2day...still you won't get rid of me now!!! You get better soon d'ya hear..? loads n loads of love n hugs n kisses Auntie julie uncle Paul & lochie Ps Make sure you give your mum my love 2!
-auntie julie
Hi Callum!! lyk ma name??? ii am finally admitting to being ginger!!!(amazing) and i hope that it makes you laugh!!! so we are all thinking of you!!! hope to see you soon!!!
Hi Callum
great to hear that you are home. I just knew you would be though. Such a fighter you are proving to be. Good to hear Harvey and Lewis have had you laughing. Laughter is a fantastic medicine in it's own right. Keep it up and make the most of those foot rubs, they are the best you will ever get. Take care and keep strong.
Wendie and family. x
heyyaaaaah callum
hope yu feelin betta
i still gota get da card i ave for yu to yu some how!
im missin yu lyk mad - skool jst anit as funni eny more -
eny way betta go coz i gota get ma skool stuff readi (itz so unfair)hehe
so toodles
lurrvvv yu loadz n loadz n loadz n loadz
miss yu muchly
Great news to hear you are on your way home. Behave yourself so you can stay home till the next chemo!! Just think of all the foot rubs you can have while you are at home. Missing you. Mumma Jim x
PS Chloe has been an angel while you have been away. Bet she won't keep it up now you're home!!
-Mumma Jim
Get well soon Callum, you are a very brave boy as well as strong. I am very pleased that you have a great deal of support behind you; you must be a very popular little boy who can’t Waite to hang around with your friends again. By the sounds of things that day will come very soon but just give it time hun. It’s great to hear you are getting better each day. I can not wait to see you pestering your mum to buy you some sweets in the shop again. Lot of love Hazel (from the spar shop in Haddenham)
-from Hazel
GET WELL SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-Jade Page
hi just a quick message to say i am hugely jealous of your diet and long may it continue when docs are so pleased with your progress keep it up callum thinking of you all the time
lots of love mel
-jamies mum
heyyaaahh bbz hope yu feelin betta
missin yu loadz
n loadza loadza loadza lurrrvvvvvvvv
hiya hunni
lol my mum is watchin the wonder years lol she sed she used 2 watch it did ur mum??/
-kirsty mckenna
Heyy :)
How Is Your Chemo Going ???
Oooh I Miss You So Much In History !!!
I Am Seriously Very Board Without You ! Hahaa I Only Have Harvey & Lewis To Talk To ... And You Know They Are Pretty Loopy Anyway!!!
And In French & German There Is Only TWO BOYS In the Class Now (Not Counting Jacob Of Corse Lol !!)
So Get Well Soon Babes !
Lovee Youu xxxxx

ohhh p.s Lewis Harvey & Jake Ate 10 Muffins on wednesday !! COME BACK SOON :) THEY HAVE GONE MAD WITHOUT YOU ! lol

p.p.s Did You Get The Cards ??

- o x o x o x o

Heya its me again. Gd luck with all ur cemo. Thinkin of you all the time. And like jamies mum sed i rely dnt thnk that choc ice cream is the healthiest option :)
gt well soon.
luv u ldz and ldz and ldz and ldz and ldz.
-xEmma Lowex
Hey babe!,
Glad its still going well and ur gettin beta!!!! i dont really hav much 2 say cuz it will probs bore u lol! anyways speak soon
love yuh loads
-Katie Nicoll
me and lew just thought in maths about tato with the funny face will crisp wants to know how your getting on and wants to be your tamer greg has invented the truffle shuffle il tell u bout it later
heyyaaah bbz
hopr yu fellin betta
it woz so funni 2day i went hyper on a blackcurrnt sweet it woz so awsume!!
im missin yu so much itz nt the same at skwl without yu!!!
gess wt i can play a bit on a voilin woop woop bt now i can sorta play 2 thingz voilin and drumz (btw i have drum kit n itz brillant to give my mum a headache) hehehehehehehe
but thats not important the important thing is yu r gettin betta
(well yu betta b gettin betta coz yu need to come bak 2 skwl)
omg rite yu no marcus gander-he tryed to hug me 2day bt i screamed so he didnt so glad he didnt!!!!!
eny way im guna go coz im probz borin yu with my borin chatter (im in a chatter mood 2day itz awsume!!)
missin yu millions n loadza loadza lurrvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv
bubi/toodles/toodlepip/bye/img una shut up now
Bubii xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox lurrrvvv yu loadz
Heyyah Callum
Get Well Soon
Forms Boring Now Yur Not There!!!
-Clo Barton
hiya babe
u alright?
today me and steph had this song stuck in our heads all day
its a good song though
-kirsty mckenna
GET better SOON M8
hi so glad you are doing so well youll be glad to hear jamie is keeping up the naughtyness at school someone has to i not sure double choc ice cream is the healthiest option but hey whatever works carry on!!!!
sally well done for remembering yourself and well done derek for keeping her well

lots of love to all
ps i'm beginning to wonder if callum will thank you for all these topless photos in the future!!!!!
-jamies mum
We are so glad everythign is going well. I have been keeping Uncle David and Aunty Julie update to date with your progress.
Hope that the nurses are looking after you as you are such a special and handsome young man.
Keep eating and make sure you save some for tiggle (of which I remeber when you were a baby).

So please that you are eating Sally, also hope that Chloe gets over cold soon.

Love to you all
Braintree & Chelmsford
-Kay Family
im glad chemo went well!!!!
steph got blown over by the wind today at school
it was so funny
then we climbed that tree at the rec. and i got freaked out every time the wind blew

love you lots and miss you loads

-kirsty mckenna
Get well soon m8
Everyones missin ya nd
your funny ways!! lol anyway
Get well soon i hope the chemo
went O.K!!!!!!!!.........
yo ginge i've just worked out what you're game is..... 'NURSES'!!! you're after one of those sexy young nurses!!! you sly old fox you!!
-uncle Richard
heyyaaah bbz hope yu feelin betta!!!
im luvin the tigs page < itz so cute > awwwwwww! hehe
yu wouldnt belive it - i nearly fell ova 2day because of da wind arghh
I HATE WIND NOW itz so evil im so angry with it! (english weather wt do i expect)
well i have nothin 2 sey
(yh i no me with nuffin 2 sey nt normal at all)
bt i ave 2 go to go enyway coz my big sis is come ova so im guna go sey hi 2 her! so i have 2 sey bubi 2 yu so BUBIIIII
loadz n loadza n loadzaaaaaaa lurvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv
bubi xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

Following your progress on the website. Good to see you on Saturday - hope to see you again when you get home - meanwhile,don't eat all the burgers at Addenbrookes even if they are free on Saturdays!
-Chris,Judy,Helen & Zoe
yo ginge
just caught up with the news from your page. hope u are all right and looking after tigs!
he won't be shy by the end of this he'll probably be the most famous bear ever
see ya soon
don't let the nurses keep u in forever!

-matt b
yo ginge (and tiggles) glad to hear chemo's going well, stick with it n stay strong, with the amount of people on your side beating this "blasted tumour" should be a cinch! (ps any idea where Barnsley is??)
-uncle Richard
i'm missin you
i don't know what 2 say so get well soon
love u !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Eloise xx :) xx (:
-Eloise xx
heyyaa Callum xx

its really windy !!
we were all gettin blown around at skool 2day !!

My sister is is a mood 4 sum gay reason !
bt dats normal .....
i have 2 go
miss u
luv helen xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
-Helen green
Hi Callum
Great to hear chemo is going well. Get well soon Cloe and hope you also feel well soon.

Good evening everyone

It's 11pm and Callum is asleep. He has had another reasonably good day - no sickness yet, but his appetite has slowed down a bit! Only one jam sandwich after his chicken curry this evening!

Three days left till we finish this first course of Chemo - apparently if he behaves and doesn't get sick the doctors will let him out some time over the weekend.

I have had a bit of a venture into the real world and collected Miss Chloe from school today. unfortunately she has a cold and can't see The Ginge, but if she hurries up and gets rid of the sniffles then she can come and jump all over his bed soon!!!!

Lots of love - let you know how he is tomorrow!

Sally/Mum xxx

PS Yes Mel, I am eating - Derek is making sure of it!!!! :o)
me agen if yu didnt guess im in a hyper mood so im jst talkin a load of rubbish bout everything hehehehehe
so if yu dnt get wt i sey dnt worry coz i probz dnt ethier
heyyaaah bbz
hope yu feelin betta and im glad chemo went okaii!!
hopefully i can come 2 c yu in da easter hol'z or sumik lyk dat!!!!
im missin yu lyk mad Skwl jst anit da same enymore
well i betta go now (spongebob rock'z he iz jst so awsume)
missin yu sooooooo much hunni!!
loadz n loadza lurrrrrvvvvvvvvvvv
bubi oxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox
im glad your chemo went well all the best hope your well soon
Hope you got your card
-jess lenton
we will miss your ginger hair. Get well soon!! class is sooooo dull with out you. miss you
-Nicole Clark
Hey ccccaalllllllllllluuummm!!!! hehe! :)
Glad the chemo went well, and hope yur feelin alryte!
I wanna cum visit u soon if i can! lol! cuz aint seen u in ages and wanna hav a chat lol !!
Speak 2 u weneva.....=]
luv yuuu lots n lots!!!!!
-Katie Nicoll
bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye
-Jade Page
Get well soon ginge, its really borin in science without u!!i hope you are better soon and back to school. You will still be known as ginge even if your hair falls out. Miss u
BYE! : - )
-Jade Page
Glad to see that all is going ok. Slowly, slowly, catchy monkey!
Lots of love, Dee
-Dee King
so glad its all good with the chemo.i can't imagine you being too sick what self respecting teenage boy wastes food!!!!!i hope your mums eating too(i will come after you sally if you dont look after yourself)i know jamie will love to come and see you and i will sort something out as soon as poss but i broke the car yesterday so it wont be straight away.stay strong see you soon
love to all mel
-jamies mum mel
Good Morning Everyone

It's 6.45am and The Ginge has already had two slices of toast, a banana milkshake and a packet of mini cheddars! I have been despatched to get some fruit pastilles, and not at my best in the mornings I thought I would come and grumble about him to all of you!

On a serious note, he is doing really well with his Chemo. Still early to tell but 'touch wood' he isn't being sick, which is a blessing so far.

Although he is tired he is missing his mates, so if you would like to come and visit him then he would be happy to see you. (He does get sleepy quickly, so I would suggest you come in two's or three's - I can't guarantee that he will stay awake very long!) There is a teenage room where you guys can chill out and have some privacy. No taking time off school to come though - I won't let you in!!!


Enough ramblings - love to you all

See you soon.... xxx

Hey hunn
glad da chemo went well
hope we can c u soon xx

love fromm meee ( Helen)

-helen green
glad the chemo went well!! i was finkin of u! :-] Hehe
i don't know what else 2 say so u hope u are getting better. i better go now coz i will just tlk about aload of rubbish otherwise
luv Eloise xx :) xx (: xx

-Eloise xxx
Hey Callum, If you remember we used to ive near harvey and we swapped some world cup stickers.
Just wanted to let you know we are all thinking of you. We've been reading ur messages and you obviously have lots of friends and family behind you.
You are very brave and you will get through this with that cheeky smile on your face.
Hope you are feeling well again soon.
-Bev, Sean, Auley & Amelia
heyyaaah bbz
hope the chemo went okaii!!
n i hope yu r feelin betta 2!!
im sooo guna ave 2 come n c yu soon coz im missin yu muchy!!!
eny way ive got to go n tidy ma room(fun fun fun) <> (not)
missin yu loadz n lurrrvvv yu loadzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Hi Callum

Best wishes with your speedy recovery!

Looking forward to seeing you up and about Haddenham real soon.

Mrs Hibbett
-Mrs Hibbett
hiya hunni
iv decided were all gonna come n visit u wen were allowed too
love ya lots
-kirsty mckenna
sup homie?
( sis and I are gansta wannabes...)
(if u dont understand a word im talking about its ok cuz i dont realli know too)
luv ya
REbs and ISO
Callum :)

Best of luck for your chemotherapy treatment!
You are an extremely strong and brave person- you will get through this!
I will be thinking of you and missing you :)
Love you soooooooo much!!!! Best of luck :)
Your cousins Isobel and Rebecca will be thinking of you!!!!! :)

Glad to hear you are behaving yourself today!! Glad you enjoyed your foot rub. I will treat you to another one on Wednesday. Love you Mumma Jim XXXX
-Mumma Jim
yo ging glad to hear youre feeling a little bit better 2day (must be all those mini chedders lol) keep strong and positive! (sally , chloe 'n' derek thinking of you all stay strong) love richard, rachel, andy n stephen.
-uncle richard
Hi to everyone on the outside!

Callum is keeping me busy feeding him - today's favourites are alpen bars and mini cheddars!

He always did eat a lot but right now he is a human hoover!

Chemo should start in the morning as planned - there have been a few things that the doctors have wanted to keep an eye on but he seems to be behaving himself now!

It's now 10.45 pm on Sunday and I have been allowed by The Ginge to buy just two more packets of mini cheddars and then he promises he will stop eating and go to sleep - some chance!!!

Will let you know how he is tomorrow - we have an early start as he will need lots of fluids before we can get underway with his treatment. (apparently it's kick-off at 6am - groan - never have been very good in the mornings!!!)

The Bear is called Tigs - he is as old as Callum but right now he's much better looking (and better company!)

Take care and love to you all

Your support is amazing.....

Da Ginge's Mum
Hi Callum
Julie has called to collect Harvey and Eleanor and has said how brave you are being. Keep the good work up. You are obvioulsy a good friend to many and they miss you loads. Teachers needing you back at school also! We are all thinking of you, you can do this. Good luck tomorrow with the chemo and. Love to your family and 'Ted'.
Wendie and family.x
-Wendie (Harvey's Nan)
Hi Callum (Ginge)
Everyone is missin yoo back in form (TSF)
we all think yoo are reeeealy brave
Hope yoor back with us soon
all the best

Holly Hibbett xxxxxxx
-Holly Hibbett
hope the kimo goes well for you miss mcarhtey is missing you(she told me to write that) we have a desperate dan sized pie waiting for you . hope everything goes well
-miniginge(aka jake)
Heyy Callum x
Hope Everthiing goes well !
We'll all come viisiit you soon
School iis boriin wiithout you x

love you


hey callum!
hope the chemo goes well 2moz
and wen u r feeling a bit betta i shall come a visit u !

love Helen xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
-Helen Green


-Emii Seaton-Potter
good luck for 2morrows kemo i will be thinkin of you loadz! :)x(:
i will send u a message 2moz as well.
when u feel up 2 it i'll cone and c u!!
luv ya
Eloise xx :)x(: xx
-Eloise xx
heyyaaa bbe
der is 2 thingz i forgot to tell yu earlier bt yu'll never gess wt i ave 2 wear glasses lyk all da time (itz reali wierd) and ova thing iz i dyed ma hair last nite n now itz lyk a brownish redish sort of coulor (if yu understand eny of dat!!)
eny way hope yur fellin betta
missin yu loadz n loadz hope yu can come bak 2 skwl soon!!!!
lurrrrvvvvvvvvvvv yu loadz n loadz bubiiiii xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox
hi everyone it is callum again!!!!
i am feeling much better but still a bit rubbish!!!
it feels better reading your messages so please keep them coming!!!
I am back in hospital just so that they can keep a close eye on me and my first kemo is 2morra (Monday) so i hope I'l be home soon. Hope some of you can come and see me then.
It is Isobel again :)
How have you been? I MISS YOU SO MUCH!! :D
By the way~ here is the address to my blog in case you want to check out some current photos/pictures of Rebecca, my life, me, etc! I also include various blog entries at a relatively frequent basis :)
Here is the address:

I love and miss you MUCHO MUCHO much, my adorable cousin :)
hey callum its me chloes friend charlotte i hope u get better soon and ive looked at everything on the website that i can look at i liked the photo with u and chloe together it was so sweet as i said before i hope u get better soon
charlotte xxxxx
-Charlotte howlett
heyyaaa bbz!
me agen! hope yu r gettin betta! bt yu no im always ere 4 yu wen eva yu need sum1 2 talk 2!!!
n ma sis sed 'heyyaaah get betta soon n ave a cuddle' (she scares me abit) hehe
enyway'z gota go!
lurrrvvvv yu loadz!!!!!
ooops.. its me with my randomness again :(
I feel like leaving a comment to u cuz im doing some important researching and hw on the computer (a really nice excuse for not studying the exams tomorrow :) )And i thought, hey, why dont i leave a comment since im not rly busy at the moment? (which, isnt true cuz i have like 3 major exams tomorrow X( )
Anyways, im just rambling nonsense, ignore me if u wish X(
oops, gotta go, mom screaming at the background telling me to get crackin' on the books
buh bye, syonana (japanese), zI gien (chinese), chai ga~!(korean)...
ciao!(i dont know wut language this is but oh well it sounds cool)edgiehgrgiegnienrfejgnienrgr(RB's retard language)
Ur Retarded cousin,
-Rebecca Brown(Rbthegreat)
-x- heyya callum -x-
we all miss yhoo in r class n hope yhoo get betta soon i need a history buddie agen hehe cya soon iluu loadz -x-
-megan.d...x agen!!!! lmao hope ur gettin betta n i forgot 2 say earlia tht ur teddy is soooooooo cute!!! oxox lolz c ya ginge!
luv laura oxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox
Hiya Callum, hope everything goes well for you this week. There are easier ways to get time off school you know! Take care and keep smiling.

Lots of love Karen (aka Derek's little sis)
hi i know weve never met but maybe we can all arrange to all meet up sometime when your feeling abit better all the best cuz stephen
-cousin stephen
Hey Callum,
You are soo grown up now, and handsome too :)
You are such a strong person, i know you can get through this.
Keep your head up. There are so many people that love you.
You can do it Callum, I believe in you.
Lots of Love xoxoxo
-Ashley Knight
hey buddy, ya know if ya wanted ya own web site you only hade to ask lol, well must dash, speak to ya soon m8 andy
-cousin andy
heyah hun x you okay? yu mite not memba me from derek and sallys weddin but i fink we kinda cousins no lol x if yu have msn add and ill chat to yah on there x LoveYouu x
-cuz rachel - Ox
Heyyyah Babe, Missing You Soo Much Its Just Not The Same Not Seeing Your Smiling Face Around School, Or Hearing Your Jokes In Form =( .. You'll Be Okay Babe, And Im Always Here For You, And You Know If You Need Anything Just Give Me A Ring.
iloveyou Babe
Rachel-Louise Manning x
-Rachel-Louise x
Hey Callum! Can't believe you're as tall as us giants now!! We're so proud of how strong you have been. Keep your chin little bro! I'll send you our phone numbers, text or call us whenever you want! We're here for you dude! Good luck & get well soon :-D
-Katie, Mike & Nicky Knight
hiya babe
im bored as ever im downstairs on the laptop and my dad and uncle are watching stupid football barnsley v chelsea i think
boo is what i say
-kirsty mckenna
Hi there Callum, hope you are going to feel a lot better soon, look forward to seeing you up at Line Dancing with your mum and little sis Chloe! I shall have to stock up on Cadburys Chocolate Fingers just incase you are hungry!
Lots of love
Angela + Bill xx
-Angela T
heyyah callum, sorry to hear youre not feelin so good, but no ur a winner and will soon feel a1 agen as we no u cnt wait 2 gt bak 2 witchford village college!! lol xXx
luv mrs t.
-elaine taylor
hi mate that "toga" look really suits you, who knows this could be the next 'big thing' and as for the teddy thats gonna drive the girls crazy! let me know when the next toga party is lol cheers mate 'uncle' richard
heyyaaaa callum!!!
yu r probz gtin reali bored of me now!! lol
hope yu r gettin betta! n im reali missin yu at skwl!!!!!!!
itz so borin at skwl wit out yu!!
got 2 go now
lurrvvvvv yu loadz n loadz xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox
Heya callum, its lil jess from form!
ii miss yuu it aint the same wifout yu there alwayys sayyen elloo to me :(
I hopee youu get better soon! ..
Take care
-Jess Gascoigne
Yo Stinkyy :P

Ahh hope everything goes well!
Chin up.


Hope your not chatting up all the nurses lol ...

You missed the CRAZYEST thing ever on the bus today! [well it seemed crazy at the time haha]
Well you know the foam out of the seats on the bus .. there was a rip in one of the back seats and Emma G and Lui started throwin it at everyone one so me and philippa went and got loads from the broken seat where you normaly sit and started throwing that haha! It was well good! Made my day!!

Everyone is wishing you all the best!!

Right well see you!

-Jess Finch
hey callum
just wanted 2 c if u were ok..........n i hope u r startin 2 feel beta....every1 at skl is missn u like crazy.....i hav 2 sit on my own in maths now so come bac quick if not il b a

get well soon........beth xxxxxxxxxxxx
Hey Callum

Hope Everything Is Going Well For Yu

Yu Need To Cum Bk Soon ... Yu Seem To Be Leaving Everyone As Larrys In Their Classes Now!! Honestly Lol

Dw Yu Will Get Thru This
Before Yu No It It Will All Be Over And Yu'll be Looking Forward To School...Coz I No Wot Yur Like :P

Im Going To Have To Love Yu And Leave Yu
Good Luck With Everything


Heyaa its steph marshall form isnt the same withoutt youu too quiet hehe,,
Hope your feeling better soon,,
Keep smiling =]
Hugs && Kisses xx
-Steph x
Think about you every day Callum, be strong and get rid of that extra baggage soon. Don't want to embarrass you toooooo much (he he he!) but we are looking forward to seeing you at Line Dancing in a week or so - I am sure Trish will play your favourite 'Lemon Tree' for you!!!!
Sandy & Ian XX
heya cal its me again. Jst wnted 2 say tht there is no1 as funny at soham as you are. at haddenham primary you always made me laugh. Gt better soon. we're all thinkin of you
Luv you ldz and ldz.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx :D
-Emma Lowe
Yes its the one you call brynda

hope your getting better
Ive just relized no one asked me to sign your card

-bryn 'brynda, bryndall, brynston pickle or any other you choose to make up' walden jones
it me again i jusy wondered if you liked the card i droped it round ealier in the week.
you are sooooo lucky we had a science test on tuesday i got a level 6 WOOP WooP Lewis got Level 7 FULL MARKS!! (i wasn;t that far off MUCH hehe)
alright g2g lydia wants the computer bye bye
xxxxx Eloise xxxxxx :)xx(: xxxxxx
-Eloise xx
We have a friend in common, her name is Sandy Young,
she used to help at scouts then cubs
and line dances with you Mum!!

Just to wish you a speedy recovery Callum, maybe I will get to meet you one day. Get well soon.
-Judy Purse & Family Barrington
hey i reli hope tht yuu r ok kk im reli hope yuu r feel kk ever1 is finkkin of ya hope 2 see yuu up n runnin x
missin yuu loads x
-Stacie x
hey bub
ive just got bk frm skl
and fort i would say hi again
ive been helpin mi friend put away shoppin lol
well i betta go
miss ya loads
loads of luv
Helen xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
-Helen G
Hi Callum
I can see you have made an impression on Addenbrookes - they just don't want you to leave!
We are all thinking of you and your family every day and obviously logging on to this amazing website. What a great online diary for you. Keep smiling and you'll beat this little blip in your life easily.
By the way - Andrew wanted you to know that he got his first aid badge from Cubs on Wed so any problems - you know who to call!!!!!
take care all of you
love Gill, Peter, Matt and Andy Burrows
-Gill Burrows
forgot 2 sey i luv ur teddy itz soooooo cute! oxoxoxoxox lurrv yu
heyyaaa bbz
me agen! lol
how yu doin? i anit at skool 2day (feelin sick) bt i gt sent home yestadaii (yay i missed music) hehe well it anit funni cos im ill bt enyways..
lykin all yur pic'z verii nice!! hehe... i ave a card 4 yu bt i duno how im guna get it 2 yu!!(i'll find a way 2 get it 2 yu tho)
i miss yu sooo much _ _ _ _ get well soon
lurrvvv yu loadz xoxxoxoxoxox

I miss you soooo much! School has been absolutely stressful but I'm managing :D
You are the BRAVEST person ever :)
I'm so proud of you! :D
I can't wait to visit you during the summer!
Like always, we will have MUCHO fun together :)
Remember we are always here to support you!
Email me or something anytime, I will be delighted :D
Missing you so much!
I love you, my brave little (taller :P) cousin! :)

Callum....ISO and I r srsly missing u...>_____<
We simply CANT WAIT to see you this summa
Btw, there is like this lame joke i want to tell u hope u dont kill me after u finish reading this (There is like this whole line of people carryin pistols and knifes in our front door already..)
okay so here goes...

NOTHING!!! HAHA GOTCHA!***********************
Please dont kill me......*dashes out of the room screaming*

-Rebecca Brown (rbthegreat)
hiya hunni
im having a day off school because i have a chest infection lol not exactly the best excuse is it?
its so boring!!!
i might have to resort to doing my homework lol

anyway love you lots like jelly tots

p.s ive learnt to type without looking ... how cool am i???
ly xxx
-kirsty mckenna
Hi Callum, keep smiling mate and I will take you on a bowling again when you are up to it, I'll speak to skip and we can arrange another Scouts visit to Strikes, they've probably recovered from our Christmas party by now and re-stocked with tomato ketchup & vinegar!

Chloe, mum & Dad keep smiling too, loads of people are pulling for you.
-David Pollard (Group scout Leader, 1st Haddenham)
Thanks everyone for the messages. Callum has read a few of them and he misses everyone. All of our family are hoping that he has a full recovery.
-Little Sis Chloe
Hi Callum :

You look so handsome. Have not seen you for long and cannot believe that you are such a handsome young man now. Your cousins Isobel and Rebecca, Uncle Richard and myself really miss you much and do hope to see you soon !!!!

We love you from Taipei, Taiwan .....
-Auntie Jenjen
Hi everyone

Thank you all so much for the lovely cards and messages.

Ginge had a good day today - lots of tests and he is 'proper tired'.

You'll all be pleased to know that 'The Toe' has very nearly healed up - let's hope he doesn't cut his toenails too short again!!

He's still eating well - beans and two big bacon sandwiches seem to be his favourite breakfast at the moment, along with his big bowl of Frosties. (I won't mention the tons of sweets and chocolate he is munching his way through - ooopps too late, I did!!!)

He is back to the hospital again tomorrow afternoon, more blood tests and his eyes need looking at!

We should have more of an idea what exactly to expect with his chemo too. All we know right now is that Mr Wiggly will be very busy from Monday to Friday next week.

As soon as he is awake long enough to have visitors I will let you all know. Right now he seems to be eating and sleeping and not much else, just like he did when he was a baby!!!!

Love to you all


-Ginge's Mum
heyy babe!
Howz its goin? how u feelin?
Its really weird not seeing u round skool lol....not a gd weird! x.....Hope everyfins goin well wiv u and hope ur feelin okay and gettin betta!!
Missin u tons!!
love u tons!!
-Katie Nicoll
me again i've just seen jamies message and i didn't laugh out loud at the music report thing!!!!!!
-jamies mum
hi callum hope you liked jacks picture,jamie and eloise brought it down with your big card from everyone.just in case you are wondering its a dalmation puppy(he was watching 101 dalmations) and once he realised which callum had a poorly head(the one thats bigger than even mummy!!!) he wanted to draw you a picture,i think it says on the back "get well callum lots love from jack"

keep smiling i'm loving some of the pictures
jamie woors mum
-jamies mum
hey callum 2daii wuz well borin we r doin footie in games which iz well funny cuz every1 jus mucks around n fouls eachother im on music report lol see u l8er m8 i will cum n visit soon wen i ave tym n if ur there bibi
BATMAN (jamie)
Hey Callum :)
I Just Want You To Know My Cousin, Josh, Has Had The Same Thing As What You Are Going Through Atm, And He Had To Have Chemo Theropy Too! But Now After Having All Of The Treatment His Condition Has Stableised And The Cancer Has Not Grown :) So Basically He Has Got Through It All :) And We All Hope You Do Too :D


Love You Soo Much
Lovee Emi -oxoxoxoxoxox
-Emily Seaton-Potter :)
Hey hunni

im listening 2 dis song called ' james bond' ( very random )
bt anyway im probaly borin u !
Steph and Kirsty told u da story bout mi stupid dog lol !!!
I was very cross !!
anyway mis u loads
luv u lots
Helen xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
heya hunni missing you lots and lots ,
i missing our conversations about polish people haha !
wanna come and give you a big cuddle and kiss like you give me
hehe !

missing you loads
love you lots and lots

hello ginge
it is melissa agen GET BETTER SOON !!!!!
heyy!!! even though i sent u a message a min ago i told yoo id be bac LOL :]
laura xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
im still thinking of you!! :)
we watch this reli horrible part of this film in history about the slave trade and all that! Elena got reli scared coz miss sed the film was "Very Unpleasant" hehe.
k g2g i will send u a message 2moz
okey dokey bye bey!
luv Eloise :)oxo(:

-Eloise xx
P.S. forgot to say that us Gingers hav got to stick together!!! C ya soon!!!

-Jess Wright
heyy!!! its me agen...laura!!!
had a nova boring day at skool today!!lol xx
hope ur gettin betta n were all waitin 4 ya 2 come back 2 skool!!
we all miss ya loads and loads...hehe...
c u b bac 2moz 2 giv u anova message!!

luv laura.h xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
hi callum just wanted to say that we are all thinking of you and praying for you (religious school)!!! so i hope that you will get better soon!!!
-Jess Wright
heyyaa callum,
its me again!!!
hope yhoo get betta sooon!
i cant wait to c a tall ginga again!! [t3h3]
we all know how hard of a time ur goin thru....but you are very brave!

g2g now but ill b bac ! promise!

hannah (midget)
-hannah (midget)
heyaa hunni (callum)
hope you get well soon
nd come bac 2 skl... go on msn plz plz plz!
we r all missin yhoo loadz!!!
lufoo lots

loz xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Hi Calllum

I hope every thing is goin reli well 4 u and hope its not 2 scary but hope u r well soon! Also cant wait 2 c u!

megz m xxxx
-xx meg xx
Hi Callum,

I'm sorry to hear about your illness. These things are sent to try us! Mads and Josh will be here next weekend so I'll show them your site and discuss it with them.
No doubt they'll leave you a message. You've been very brave so far.
Keep it up mate. We're all thinking of you and wishing you well.

Lots of love,

Uncle Malcolm and Sue. xxxxx
-Uncle Malcolm
hiya hunni
jus come to say hiiii!!!
love ya good luck xxxxxxx
-kirsty mckenna
heyyaaa callum
yur probz getting bored of me riting all theese messages but oh well!! hope yu are gettin betta!! n skool anit the same with out yu!
bt dnt no if yu remember this bt yu no wen yu had a bad throut at skool and yu couldnt talk properly and you where seyin thingz to me n chloe bt we jst sed wahhhhh yu sey!!
dat was sooooo funni that day!
eny ways im guna shut up now coz if im nt borin yu im kinda borin myself
so hope yu get betta soon
lurrrvvvvvv yu loadz n loadz (and ur so so so brave)
Hi Callum, just thought I'd pop in to see how you're doing.
All the best, Lots of love, Dee
hi ya, i'm a friend of helen's... she told me about you and i've looked at your web site....
you are such a brave boy.... and everybody seems to love you....
with all those messages you have recieved from friends they all miss you....
i will keep looking at your web to see how your doing.....
i will write again.... paula.. xxx
Hi Callum, We are all thinking about you. Heard that you had a poorly toe! As far as the "Ginge" thing goes, all the ladies here use chemicals!
Dominic Sharp and all at school.
-Dominic Sharp
hey callum its charlotte booy howlett chloes friend chloes told me quit alot about whats happening. I hope you get better soon

Charlotte XXXX
Hi everyone
Callum has had his 'Mr Wiggly' put in and is just feeling 'a little bit sore' and 'a little bit tired'.

He has a few more tests this week and will be back in hospital on Sunday evening ready for his chemotherapy to start on Monday.

Right now he is fast asleep in his own bed.

He has a busy day tomorrow (Thursday 6th March) with more tests but should be home to sleep in his own bed again.

I have to tell everyone that he really is the bravest person I have ever met - he still has his sense of humour and that wlll get him through.

On a sad note, he has already met his teacher, Maggie, who is desperate to teach him something.
I have to take his Maths and English books with us on Sunday - not even a brain tumour gets you time off school these days!!!!
Thanks to everyone for their support - we all appreciate it
Bye for now...
how u doin? everyone is missing u...hope u get betta soon...and farley saiis hi by the waii. lol
luv Aiysha xx
we r always thinkin bout yhoo!!

hannah (midget)
-hannah r
please get betta we are all missin yhooo loads.
what i miss is yhoo callin me midget, funnily enough!!
plz plz plz get betta!

hannah (midget)
-hannah r
heya callum

don't worry you will always be ginger even without your hair

it's sooooooooo quiet without you at school

it's amazing how much difference one person makes, you never realise it until they're gone and you make a huge difference in our class
miss you

-Emma Taylor
Get Betta mate
Well at least your days are proaly more
interseting than mine but ... anyway get
Well soon. everyones missin u!!!
hey callum its chloes friend here charlotte booy howlett
i hope u get better soon. we r all thinking about u

Charlotte xxxxx
Hi Callum, We are all missing you in your english class at Witchford. I'm missing your cheerful face and your great sense of humour.
Get well soon and help make the class balanced again!!!!!!
Can send you the stuff we are doing at the moment.
We have watched Stormbreaker - which is great!!!
If you can watch it then the work I will send will make sense.
Will be in touch!
All the best
Jude Mccarthy
-Mrs J McCarthy
hiya callum me again....hope ur ok....wen r u comn back 2 school cas we all miss u ldz....xxxxx

beth broker
Hey callum, you may not remember me!
You call me Tesco Girl, hehe!
When I first heard about you I was shocked, we all hope you get better soon and i've just found out the website name, at last!
I think it's sweet how teachers have left messages!
I hope you get well soon!!
I know your friends are missing you as when I first heard about you being in hospital they were sitting opposite me in the dining hall and said how much they want you back.
I know you most probably don't want to but can't wait to see you back at school, so i can call you tesco kid again! I'm missing it! See you soon, Asia xx
Heyyy =D

oh mii gosh
i have to tell you a lil story !!!
well i went for a walk with kirsty and helen earlier on!
and pepper (the dog) ran away
sooo.... kirsty went across this ditch and got STUCK!!!
and when she got out her feet and new shoes were covered in mud and it was soooo funy but i felt sorry for her so then helens mum took her home !! =( lol
anyway hope your feeling beta!
lots of love
From steph

-Stephanie Clarke
hi ging get well soon every1 iz missin u sooooooo much it well borin wivout u cuz ur da funniest lol
plz cum back
soo bored
i just went down the field with helen and steph and pepper got stuck in a ditch so i went in to get her and fell and my shoes got all muddy
its was gross lol
-kirsty mckenna
i cant believe the amout of teachers who have signed this website!! that must mean something! anyway...back to the point...we all miss you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much abnd we really need you back! schools not the same without ur annoying borat voice and your silly funny...personallity :S lol i miss you and i will write tomorrow...ILY (lotties and lotties)
charlotte =] xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
my mum said : get well soon and hope that your back to school soon ( yes yes i no you dont no her but she is quite nice LOL!!)
heya callum

itz laura ere.if ya cant rememba me im ur m8 from maths n french n science.lmao.hope ur ok.every1z missin yoo at skool.sum of ya picz r rele sweet!! xxx lolz
hope yoo cum bac 2 skool soon..we cant wait!!! [c=

bye 4 now xxxxxxxx
luv laura.h

Heyyaa !

mi dog is so stupid ... anyway ill tell u about it later!
missed ya at skool 2day ( even da borat voice!! )

luv u lots
Helen xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
-Helen G
heeyyaa callum,

remember me? midget? or in other words hannah!!
i really hope that you'll have a speedy recovery!
luv yhoo n missin yhoo at skl!

gotta go now but best wishes

hannah (midget)

-hannah r
Hello Callum hope u get well soon. you probaly don't know me but kirsty and that lot talk about you all the time but..... get well soon.!!!!!!
Hey.. its me.. haha!!
Corr.. it took me ages 2 find this.!! i sent 1earlier but its not coem up.. nevermiind ill send another one !!
Hope you get better soon & We all miss yhoo soo muchh xxx

Bwuyyy x x x x x x
hi ginge,

it is melissa i miss speakin 2 u in geography and u doin yr scotish accent (that is sooo funny) i hope you get soo much betta cos everyone misses you in skl. i hope to see you soon cos i miss u like mad !!!!!

jorja told me the morning of wednesday 5th march and that day that she told me i havent stopped thinking about what you must be going through!!!! anyway i have to go cos i have my violin lesson!!

you will be in mt thoughts !!!!

cya !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Heyyaaa callum!

Get well ssoon! Everthing is so weird without you at school! Yu are so brave!

Luvin the whole ginger king thing by the way! lol

See ya soonies!!


get well soon!!!
hiya callum
u r really brave
get well soon coz we miss u at skool
kirsty braybrook
Hi Callum you may not remember me I am Tracey Humphreys friend. They all call me carebear or bearbear. We have met several times at various parties at Uncle Marks and Tracey's.

I am very sorrry to hear you are not well. and wanted to send you a message just to let you know that I am thinking of you and I wish you a speady recovery.

I will keep a check on your progress and catch up with you again soon.

Sending you a big hug, and lots of sloppy kisses.

-clare hodge - aka carebear - aka tracey friend
Hiya mate, I wonder if you remember me from Haddenham Primary. Heard about what you are going through - keep strong and best of luck from Ben, Sue and Olivia
-Benediict Squires
hey callum! u probably don't remember me but i used to be in ur maths & german class! nice haircut by the way! lol! anyways get really well soon or else!
P.S cute teddy bear!
-Olivia Evans
heyyaaa callum jst seyin heyyaaaaaaa agen!! LOL enyway hope ur gettin betta! wel yu betta b gettin betta hehehe (if dat makes eny sence 2 yu).....
every one is missin yu lyk MAD!!! (even the teacherz!!OMG!!)
itz sooooo borin @ skool wit out yu!!!
eny wayz gota go!!
loadz n loadza lurrrrvvvvvvv
hi ginge

hope u had a good day sure it was more interesting than my day
hope to see you soon

Callum Callum Callum, what scraps you get yourself into! I have missed you in RE! I just read the briefing notes, as I am ill in bed, and saw your website so thought I would say hello!!!
You are an incredibly strong young man, keep strong and I will send you some interesting RE work next week LOL!!!!
Take Care , I will be making daily checks on you!!!
Love Miss Leggett xxxx
-Miss Leggett
Callum, really good luck with it all, you have the strength of character to beat it. If you are bored, I can always send in a Maths text book.
Get back here so you can get on with learning...Tumour, call that an excuse?
-Mr Astbury
Its the "ginger tamers" auntie, he had us all in fits of laughter with his taming stories last night!! So funny!!!
Hope you are feeling better soon mate lots of fun things being organised for you to get involved in.
Love to mum and Chole will talk to her soon xxxx
-Hi Callum
Hi Callum!
It's your great maths teacher here!! It's taken me all lesson (I'm doing a cover lesson for Mr Scott) to get this far - haha! (forgot my user name - its an age thing!) and you know how computer illiterate i am and what fun i have with the smart board!!
I decided to visit your site rather than doing my year 9 reports!
Anyway wishing you all the VERY best for a quick and speedy recovery - I need you back to get the text books for me!
Take care
c u soon
Mrs S

-mrs simons
At last Callum your mates have shown me how to send my message, good to see you on the site, with the support of your family and friends you will get through this little inconvenience. I will send a longer message when I can get more time but felt that I should let you know what caused the hold up.

Best wishes from all at Twickenham.

Callum, we want you to know that we are thinking of you and hope you get better soon. You are being very brave. Also thinking of Sally, Stewart and Chloe and your families as it is really tough time for you guys too. Love and best wishes from the 3 of us.
-Christopher & Georgie Knights, and Megan Tyler-Knights
hope you get better real soon doesn't seem long ago since we was at haddenham primary
but get well soon xxxxxx
from jess mum dad and dog
-jess lenton
ive decided id bore you with another one of my messages
well its half seven in the morning and im ready for school already suprisingly and im watching 'everybody loves raymond' i love it its so funny
do you watch it???
i dont no what to write now soooooooo.........
im going to go now

love ya lots like jelly tots even more than stripy socks
(so thats alot cause i loooooooove stripy socks)


p.s i miss your annoying borat immitation too lol
-kirsty mckenna
Hi Callum,
Im one of your Aunty Janes friends(i live around the corner from her)and wanted to say get well really soon,you are very brave and im sure by reading all your messages that you have a great family and lots of friends looking after you.
Great photos of you,and new haircut!!!!
Hope to meet you one day when you are well and visit sunny Kingshill,
Karen x
Hey Callum, how popular you are! What a lot of FAB messages. Love the scar! Missing you loads and sending you masses of hugs over the ethernet. Love you! and LiL Sis
-Aunty (ie) Jane
Heyy calluum!
Missin you loads!!
Bus journeys to school aren't the same without you and your funny voice!! Signed your card!! :D its just sexuall haha hope you like it :)
Lovee yaa
Get well soon :(
-Jess Finch
Heyy its steph ere! =D

how are you ?
Everyone Misses you loads
Even your Voice Ha Ha
Hope Everything goes well
Feel Better !

lovve ya loads


=D =D
-Stephanie Clarke
P.s will write again soon. luv u. xxxxxx
-Emma Lowe
i fort i would say hi again cause im very bord cause im doin english HWK !!

anyways ill write 2moz
miss ya
lots of love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
helen xxxxxxx
Heya cal!
missin u soooooooo much i hardly ever c u. I no u can pull thro cal. pleeeeese get better soon. think of all the good days at haddenham.
Luv u soooooooo much. xxxxxxxx
-Emma Lowe
Hey callum.............We all miss u sooo much! even that annoyin borat voice u do lol.....hope everyfin goes well and ur feelin beta soon! probs rite 2 u 2moz or sumin!
luv yu loadsss :)
-Katie Nicoll
hiya again
just watching hollyoaks
what you doing right now?
school was rubbish today
because you werent there

love ya
-kirsty mckenna
heyyahh callumm icouldnt belive it wen elouise tollld me .. yull get thru it ,, np .. get well soon ly sm xxxxxxx
-jESS LOWE yu no me callum :P
hey callum

hope ur ok and get well soon.....hope it all goes ok

beth -x-x-x-x-x-x-
Hey callum
i hope you like your card im missin you loadzzzzz so is Elena. I will come and see you if you want me to. I will write 2moz!!!!
luv ya
Eloise xx :)x(: xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
-Eloise xx
oh yeh forgot 2 sey ma family said GET WELL SOON xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox
hey calum:)

plz plz plz get well soon i miss all the funny you make at scouts(i am starting 2 get bored!)

p.s get well soon
-jess from scouts
Hey x !!
i just wanted 2 say... u need 2 get betta soon cause im missin u and so is every1 else !!!!
Good luck wif everyfing !!
U have 2 come back 2 skool 2 !

lots of love from Helen xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

and mi mum and dad and sister say: hope u get well soon

-Helen G
heyyaa callum
hope you are feelin betta bbe! your so brave
you wouldn belive how much i cried when i got told!!
but i miss you so so so so so much! but i hope you are betta soon cos i need to see you and have a good old chat!! any way
... loadza hugs ands kissez........
lurrrvvvv yhoo lots n lots like jelly totz
(remember after skool when i had done judo club and you were waiting 4 your bus!! hehe good old timez) good luck and GET BETTA SOON! oxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
o yeah and one more thing... mrs simons needs you too! because know one goes and gets the books hurry up! =] xx charlotte xx
just wanted to say that you have to get better soon because im such a larry in german! the seat next to me is getting cold!! hurry up and get better really soon... i miss you and so is everyone else!!!!!!!
love you lots...
charlotte xxx
-charlotte martin brown

i no we dnt tlk much but i hope u get beta ......u lik always seem happy .... we need u in maths 2 cheer fings up

p.s gingers rock
-vikki friar
hiya hunni
i thought id put my second name just incase you knew another kirsty
just wanted to say hope you get well soon AND YOU HAVE TO COME BACK 2 SCHOOL VERY SOON!!!
because everyone misses you!
get well soon
love ya
-kirsty mckenna
forgot to say good luck with everything!!!

Hi ginge

I thought you had something wrong with your toe
so when people started talking about your head I was really shocked
and didn't think it was true but unfortunately I guess it is!!!
Everyone is missing you at school and I hope you are feeling great and back to school soon!

miss you
hi ginge
hope u start to feel better soon everone in my class wishes you good luck
see ya soon mate

-matt burrows
Heya Ginge hope u get well soon! Every1s missin u in form!good luck
Callum,(or gingerking)
I admire ur guts and im SURE that u will go through this smoothly :)
remember, We are THE COOL PEOPLE
so that means that THE COOL PEOPLE
are COOL
Okay, that is me being random again
But yah, ur the coolest dude ever!
xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox-for eternity (too lazy to type the whole thing! X( )
Miss ya
Izzie and Bec
(Isobel and Rebecca XD)
-Rebecca Brown (Rbthegreat)
Hi Callum.
What you been up too? Heard you got your self in a bit of bother, a bit like that team of yours. We know you gonna beat this just like we beat you - come on you spurs, only joking!!! Thinking of you, see you soon Luv Uncle Mark, Auntie Tracey, Megan and Connor xxx
-Uncle Mark
hey Ginge
missin you loadz
what a way to get attention and time of school, its real quite with out you in form. charlottes missin her german buddy lots to. i will come down to see you sometime soon.
missin you loadz
Eloise and family. xxxx
-Eloise, Lydia, Jill (mum)
Hi Callum, it's great to see that you are still smiling through what must be a really difficult time for you all.
It was such a shame you lost to a better tem in the Carling Cup, come on you Spurs.
Aunty Julie and Uncle David send all their love to you all, and keep asking me for updates. Being as they do not have access to the internet, of which we shall be doing.
Hope that you testes this week go well, keep smiling and you will get through this, we could not ask for knowing such a lovely young man such as you. You make us laugh when giving mum directions to us in Braintree when you came to Emily's christening.

We are sending all our love and prays to you
You may lose all your hair, but you will be a ginge right the way through.
From Lisa, David and Emily Kay xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

-Kay Family
Hi Callum,
I'm one of the "ladies" on the course your Mum is doing. I'm the one that keeps your Mum chatting on the phone about our assignments for hours on end!
From everything your Mum has told me about you - and we both know she can talk ;) you are a fighter. Keep fighting!
Take care, look after each other and I will keep looking at the site for updates
Beverley, Martin, Luke & Adam

-Beverley Halliwell
fank you all you are all so supportive!!! i am soo tired all the time and my head is so sore!! thank you all again it is really nice to know you all care so much and i will be loosing my ginger hair!! oh no i aint going to be ginger!!! but knowing i have you guys behind me makes it so much better!!! thank you all again and i miss you all soo much hope too see you soon!!!!
I am reading all your messages to The Ginge and they are making him smile.

Right now he is a 'little bit tired' and a 'little bit sore' but when he is feeling better he will get back to you all

Lots of love and many many thanks to everyone

i hope you reading these messages because people are putting alot of thought into them - well, most people
How is the toe?
Hi Callum - you don't know me, but I feel I know you through your Auntie Jane. I'm one of her new friends on Kings Hill and I know how much she was looking forward to seeing you and then you decided to go for the beans and bacon sarnie brekkie instead of coming to visit! I hope that when you are well enough to make your trip to Kings Hill, Jane will bring you in to see me - I've got an art gallery here - as I need to see if you look as much like her in real life as you do in photos! Don't put up with any nonsense from the medics will you - you're the customer and they are ALWAYS right!
Love, Patsy x

We wish you a speedy recorvery and hope to see you soon.

From Emma, Terry and Boys.

-Barber Family
Hi Callum,

Your a brave boy and hope you get well soon buddy.

From Sam Barber. (Shane's Brother)
-Sam Barber
hey ginge how you feeling every one is asking for you at school

get well soon
-ginger tamer
hi ginge
how are you today i know we had a laugh on sunday and that you were going for tests today, i would like to visit you again and hopefully if all goes well you can visit me.
get well soon
-lewis Bendall-craft
hi callum get well soon we miss u at school.
Hey Ginge!
i heard what happened and hope you get better soon
Hi Callum. It's not often I'm lost for words, but you've managed it this time! You certainly don't do things by halves, do you?
Wishing you a speedy recovery, Lots of love, Dee
-Dee King
Oh, the heartss I posted didn't show up >.<

WE LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

With lots of love and hugs,

Isobel and Rebecca :)

Dear CALLUM :)

You are the most AWESOME and AMAZING cousin in the world! Rebecca and I send our most sincere and genuine wishes and support. You will get through this! We both love you and miss you sooooo much!
By the way, we shall be visiting England during the summer so see you soon! :)
Oh, and if you desire to email us, here are our email addresses:
Chat with us on msn or just send an email! We miss you so much!!
WE LOVE YOU ??????????
Hi Callum, hope you are getting better soon. We liked the baked bean shot we hope there won't be too much of an explosion!

-Miss Dorrington and Year Five Class
Hi Callum,
That's my kinda breakfast.
So sorry to hear your news but
Be brave, be strong & have faith (just like you need to be when supporting that dodgy team in blue!).

In my thoughts & wishing you a speedy recovery.

The Cat (unbeaten from any of Callum's penalties)

-The Cat
Hi Callum :

Greetings from Auntie Jenjen, Isobel and Rebecca from Taiwan !! We love you and miss you very much ! You are so brave and shall recover very soon. Auntie Jenjen will prey for you from famous Chinese Budda !

We miss you so much and hope to see you soon !!! Lots of love and blessings
-Auntie Jenjen
Hi Callum,
You don't know me but I've worked with your Dad for seven years now and of course he's often spoken of you. I have three kids of my own. Make sure you play the sympathy card as much as possible with your Dad - new Xbox, Playstation, DVDs. :/
Take care of each other
Hi Ginge - that is a BIG plate of beanz dude! Jamie is well impressed!
Keep smiling and making us laugh - you are well brave, Ginge!!!
Hi Callum
I go to College with your mum, she is very clever!!!you know!!
I have 3 kids and one of them has Ginger hair too! namely Becky aged 16.
We all want to say how great you are and we wish you all the best for a very speedy recovery, our positive thoughts will be thinking of you. Love Carol,Steve,Becky, Annie and George xxxxxxxxx

-Carol Kelly and family
Hi Callum
keep up the good work. We are all rooting for you.
Wendie and family
(Harvey's Nan)
-Wendie Perry
hi callum
hope you start to feel better soon
-matt burrows
Hey dude, hope to see you on the mend soon.

May the force be with you.

Hi Callum hope you get better soon!
We're thinking about you.
Everyone wants to see Chelsea playing Wolves even you?
Keep up the fight, you can do it.
Best Regards
Chris, Jane, Charlotte & Steph
-Chris Roberts
Mum and Dad were glad to see you yesterday
and they said you were eating well, not to mention those complemetary noises!!
Look forward to seeing you soon
-Helen and Zoe
hey ginger how you doing everyone at school is asking for you and harry wont stop saying sneaky sneaky any way get well soon

your tamer
-your tamer
I agree with Aunty Jane. Listen to her.
-Chloe (Little Sis)
Hey Callum, from one who knows, you can do it! I love you loads, thinking of you and wishing you over this quickly!!
-Aunty Jane
Hope you get well soon! You will get through this.
-Chloe Brown (Little Sis)
Hello Callum, hope you get better soon xxx
Hi Ginge

Just to let 'Jim' know that he can't beat the Ginger King!

Love you loads - you are such a star

You are the best, bravest and most amazing son in the world ... not that I am biased! We shall get through this testing time :) xxxxxxxx

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